How to Create Virtual Events

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Beamery's Events module allows you to create and manage virtual events in addition to physical events. 

For an overview of Events in Beamery, check out this article

Virtual Event Types 

Webinar is of course a specifically virtual event type, but any event type can be virtual or have a virtual option using virtual event links.



Using Webinar as the event type allows you to filter the Events Workspace to find just your webinars and view metrics on webinar registrations and attendance.


Virtual Event Links

When choosing the location of an event in Beamery, you can now choose whether your event will be a virtual event, a physical event, or a combined virtual & physical event.


Then, if your event has a virtual element, you will need to add a link to the event’s online location. 

Once you have created a virtual event, you will also be able to find your virtual event link in the Events List.



Virtual Events Pages

Events Pages include Virtual Events, and will show an Online location for any events that have a virtual component. 


Virtual Events 



Virtual & Physical Events



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