How to Create a Beamery Event

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Beamery's Events module enables end-to-end talent event management within Beamery. Events is an add-on, so be sure to check with your admin team to see whether you should have access to it.

For an Overview of Events in Beamery, check out this article

  1. In order to create an Event, navigate to the Events module by clicking on it in the left-hand menu bar. There you will see the Events home page:

  2. Click on the Create event button.

    When naming an Event, Beamery recommends using underscores (_) rather than hyphens (-) to ensure your events are properly indexed and searchable by title. 

    You will see the screen below where you can choose the Type of event. Choose the template that best matches the type of event are you planning, or choose 'other' to start from scratch.
    There are nine options which you can choose from:
        • Careers Fair
        • Campus
        • Conference
        • Meet up 
        • Networking 
        • Webinar
        • Hackathon
        • Open Day
        • Other

  3. Once you have selected the type of event you are holding, click next at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. On the next page, add the name and description of your event. Choose the event name carefully. This name will be displayed on your event assets and you will not be able to change the event name on your Registration and Check-in forms.
    Optionally, at the bottom of this page you can add an image to represent your event. This image will automatically be added as the hero image of your event's landing page, but can be updated later on.Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_1.22.24_PM-U54.png
  5. Below this, you will see any Event Custom Fields that your organization uses. If a custom field has an asterisk, then it is a required field that you will need to complete in order to be able to continue creating your Event.
  6. Once you are happy with the name, description, image and custom field selections, click next on the bottom right of the screen.
    Note: you are able to skip the next two sections and continue to create the event by clicking Skip and Create Event. You can always come back and edit it later, adding the event location and timing.
  7. The next page will ask you to add the location of your event. When choosing the location of an event in Beamery, you can choose whether your event will be a virtual event, a physical event, or a virtual & physical event. 
  8. You will be able to search and select a location for a physical event by typing in an address or venue name. If you still cannot find the location you can also use a city or street name. If your event has a virtual element, add a link to the event’s online location. Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_1.26.16_PM-WfE.png
  9. Once a location is selected, you will see a preview of the map view.Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_1.28.03_PM-_ZM.png Once you are happy with the location, select next on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  10. In the final section, you can fill out when the event will take place, including date, time and time zone. Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_1.41.13_PM-HHA.pngOnce you have filled out the information required click create event on the bottom right corner of the screen.


How to Customize your Event

Once you have created the event you will be presented with the event overview page. You can then edit all aspects of the event, such as editing the event's landing page and customizing the Event Flows.


At the top of the Event overview page, you will see a tab called Pool. This is the pool associated with the event, where you can track invitees and attendees using the Pool Steps listed below:

  • Prospect
  • Invited
  • Registered
  • Attended



From here, you can add contacts from the people grid in CRM. To do this, click on the button that says Add guests from contacts. This will redirect you to a view of the People grid that allows you to add contacts directly to this event. 

From there, you can use filters and Boolean search to narrow the list of contacts. Once you have selected the contacts you wish to add to the event, click the bulk actions button Add to event. To return to the Event page, click on the Event name within the banner at the top of the page.

Within the event pool, you can quickly sort between contacts in each Pool Step, using the panel on the left-hand side. Learn more about managing contacts for Events, here.

Pool steps

Back on the Event overview page, you can edit the landing page for your event. More details on customizing that page can be found here.

From the Event overview, you can also preview the Registration Flow or Event Check-in Flow, viewing what those will look like from a prospect's perspective.