Adding Custom Fields and Location Information to Event Registration & Check-In Flows

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Events Flows can be thought of as forms that allow contacts to seamlessly register or check-in for your organization's events. There are both standard and custom fields available on these flows.


Events Registration and Check-In flows have been upgraded to include current and preferred location as standard fields.

Current Location allows a contact to let your organization know where they are currently based, and Preferred Location gives the contact the option of letting your organization know about other locations where they may wish to be considered for roles. This information can be especially useful when filtering to find relevant candidates for open roles



Capturing a contact’s current location or preferred location on a registration or check-in flow will map this information to the relevant field on their profile in Beamery. 

Custom Fields

There are four types of custom questions available on Events Registration and Check-in forms: 

  1. Single Select, where registrants must choose one of the given options.
  2. Multiselect, where registrants can choose any number of the given options.

  3. Short Text, where registrants can enter a response of up to 250 characters of text.

  4. Date, where registrants can use a date picker to select a specific date.

All of the custom question types will be mapped to existing custom fields in your CRM, allowing you to collect and leverage relevant information about those who register for and attend your events.  

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