How to Use your Notifications Feed

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Beamery is designed as a collaborative platform for you and your team, which means you receive notifications when your colleagues tag you in candidate profile notes and comments.

Notifications Feed

1. You receive a notification each time someone  @mentions you in a root note on a profile. ⚠️Please note ⚠️: Users @mentioned in a reply don’t get any notification yet. This is a known issue and we’re working on fixing it in the upcoming months. 

2. You receive a notification when you are assigned a task or contacts.

3. Select the bell icon located in the top right hand side of your Beamery page to access your notifications. Every time you have new notifications, you see a reminder appear on the bell symbol with the number of notifications in a circle.


4.  Select the notifications bell icon and choose Mentions, Company feed, or My notifications. The most recent notification is listed first. If you have been tagged in a note, select the green highlighted candidate name to view the note you have been tagged in.