How to Share a Candidate Profile for Review

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The review process for candidates has typically been difficult and hard to manage. Hiring Managers jump between their day to day activities and hiring tasks throughout their day with a multitude of tools. Beamery removes the cognitive load of trying to find the right spreadsheet, email or thread for a specific candidate for a role and unifies all the shared candidates in one simple view.

The Candidate Review functionality allows you to share your most promising candidates with your Hiring Manager with a quick and easy review process. 

Read on to learn more about how your Talent Acquisition (TA) teams can collaborate to quickly fill roles with high quality candidates.

Sharing a Single Candidate Profile for Review

Once you have found a candidate’s profile that you are ready to share with your Hiring Manager for review, click on the button called ‘Share for review’ to send the profile.


Make your selections for the specific Vacancy you believe the candidate is the best fit for, select the users you’d like to have review the candidate (this could be your Hiring Manager or any Beamery user), and then provide some details about why you would like them to review. Please don’t worry, the candidate will not be automatically added to the vacancy. 

Lastly, you can choose to include the hyperlink to the candidate’s LinkedIn profile and any profile attachments (both are recommended). 


Bulk Sharing Candidates for Review

Sharing multiple candidates for review is easy with a simple bulk action. Choose the candidates you would like to share by ticking the boxes next to their names and click the bulk action dropdown menu.

Then choose "Share for review".

You will see the same options available for sharing a single candidate but with options for each individual candidate chosen.

Receiving a Candidate Profile to Review

If you’ve just shared a candidate profile with your Hiring Manager, here’s what they will see. This view and workflow will be the same if you shared a profile with another user or if another user has shared a candidate profile with you for review.

The reviewer will receive an email with the information submitted above. 


When the reviewer clicks on ‘Review now’ they will be taken to a Beamery page where they will be able to see the list of candidates that have been shared with them for review. This is their Candidate Review page.


On the Candidate Review page, users can quickly and easily see an overview of all candidates you’ve been assigned to review. 

a. Pending Reviews - see the list of all candidates you have not yet reviewed. 

b. Completed Reviews - see the list of all candidates you have reviewed as well as the review outcomes.

c. Vacancy Information - see the Vacancy name and ATS ID.

d. Provide Feedback - the button which allows you to respond to the review request. This will open a pop-up for you to provide your feedback.

e. Candidate Information - information from the profile including name, current position, primary company and location as well as the link to their LinkedIn profile, if it was shared. 

f. Candidate Summary - the summary of the candidate’s profile and experience provided by the Beamery user who submitted the candidate profile for review. 

g. Resume Preview - this section showcases the preview of the candidate’s resume/CV. At this stage the compatible preview format is PDF. 

h. Attachments - a separate tab which allows you to view any attachments on the candidate profile in a new tab.

When you are ready to submit your review, click on the button called Provide feedback (d) and indicate whether or not you wish to proceed with the candidate.


You have the choice to provide an optional (but recommended) feedback on your decision to help guide the user who submitted the candidate profile when filling the role, which will allow them to calibrate their sourcing strategy to bring better suited candidates.


The candidate will now show in the Completed Reviews section of the page along with your feedback notes.