How to Assign Contacts to a Colleague Using a Bulk Action

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Assigning ownership of a contact in Beamery to a team member or hiring manager is a great way to facilitate collaboration on the platform, especially around reviewing potential candidates. Use filters to create lists of candidates to assign or manually select contacts to share.

Using a Bulk Action to Assign Contacts to a Colleague

1. You can manually assign candidates to team members by selecting individual contacts in the grid view.

2. To manually assign contacts, navigate to the People grid, and check the box next to each of the candidates that you wish to assign.

3. You can also use filters to create a list of candidates you wish to assign to a colleague. Open the filters menu by selecting the filters icon located above your People grid.

4. Filter your results by using at least one filter. To select all the candidates from your custom filter, click the check box within the column heading "Full Name".

5. After you have used the check boxes to select which candidates you would like to assign, a series of bulk actions will now appear at the top of your contacts grid, along with the number of contacts selected. Click on the Assign to User button and pick the user from the list to whom you wish to assign those contacts.

6. Your colleague has now been assigned ownership of the selected contacts, which they can view by filtering the People Grid for contacts assigned to them.


How to View contacts assigned to you

When contacts have been assigned to you there are 2 places where you can view those contacts.

  1. You will see on your Beamery Homepage a section called "Assigned to you" that will include an option for all contacts assigned to you. Clicking this link will open the People tab and automatically filter for all contacts assigned to you. 
  2. You can also navigate to the People tab from the left-hand navigation menu and filter for Assigned To IS [your name] manually.