Connected Email vs. Verified Email

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Connecting your email and verifying your email are two separate features that enable you to do two different sets of workflows. 

In short, a Connected Email syncs all of your candidate communication onto the profile timeline of the relevant candidate, maintaining a single source of truth for candidate communication, whereas a Verified Email allows you to send email messages (direct or campaigns) from that verified email address.


Table of Contents

Understanding Connected Email
What happens when a Connected Email is disconnected
Understanding Verified Email


Understanding Connected Email

Connecting your email will allow you to automatically sync your candidate emails to Beamery so you never have to log data manually again.


Connecting your email will also allow you to send campaigns and track them in our Campaign Analytics Dashboard in your Marketing settings. 



What happens when a Connected Email is disconnected?

Because Connected Emails are used to send Campaign messages, it is important to know what happens to active Campaigns if the Connected Email is disconnected. This could happen as a result of staffing changes, email password changes, or in error. 

If a Campaign is created and sent with a Connected Email address, and that address is later disconnected, the following should be expected:

  1.  Any scheduled Campaign messages will continue to be sent from the original email address. 
  2.  Candidate replies to the Campaign will still go to the inbox of the connected email.
  3.  Once the email address is reconnected, all email replies from candidates will sync to the candidate Timeline accordingly. 


Understanding Verified Email

Verifying your email with Beamery allows you to use an email alias in Beamery via Verified emails you can set a specific ‘Email From Name’ for each Verified Email added to the account. Verified email enables you to email candidates from different email addresses without having to use the same From Name for example if a team member needs to cover another team members’ emails while they are away. 

Notifications will be sent to the verified email address if a contact replies to an email sent from a verified email address. The notification email address (notifications1reply@campaign.beamery...) is an unmonitored address and replies to it will not be monitored or logged. 




The key difference to keep in mind is that verifying your email permits you to send emails from a different email address while connecting your email will allow you to automatically log in and track your emails.