Hiring Manager FAQs

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Collaborating with your Hiring Managers in Beamery opens up a new level of productivity and efficiency to your daily workflows. We have many tools to help you learn how best to engage with your Hiring Manager using Beamery. Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions surrounding the Hiring Manager role and how to best approach this partnership. 

How do I get my Hiring Manager an account in Beamery?

A Beamery System Admin will need to create all Hiring Manager accounts in Beamery. Then an email will be sent to the new Hiring Manager users who will then need to accept the invitation before they can login.

What can my Hiring Manager do in Beamery? 

Hiring Managers in Beamery will want to focus on just a few things to best optimize their time. 

  • They can help you fine-tune a Vacancy with Vacancy Calibration. You'll be able to align with them on the ideal target profile to match the specific needs of the role in question.
  • Hiring Managers can quickly assess a profile. The new Smart Profile allows Hiring Managers to easily review the profile's potential without needing to open the resume. 
  • They can also follow up on Tasks. You can easily assign a task (associated with a Vacancy or a Pool) to your Hiring Manager and they will see their assigned tasks from the homepage.

How do I get my Hiring Manager excited about using Beamery?

At Beamery, we know your Hiring Manager doesn't want to use another tool. So, we won't ask them to login and use Beamery the way a Recruiter or a Sourcer would. Instead, we want to meet them where they already work.

To start, we will send them emails with clear objectives. For some content, your Hiring Manager will be able to review the request you make in Beamery from their email, with all the necessary information, and reply with a clear answer - all without ever logging into Beamery. For other things, like collaborating on a Vacancy Calibration, the email sent to your Hiring Manager will log them in to Beamery on the exact page you made the request from.

Focus on the ease of use and don't forget about the benefits. Using another tool isn't always enjoyable, but how many meetings can they remove from their calendars just by replying to a few clear emails? You'll also unlock the benefit of aligning on skills. Your Hiring Manager will get a better shortlist of candidates, and improved visibility into the hiring process. Once a Vacancy is calibrated to the right skills the review process will become quicker and you'll improve your quality of hire. Plus, collaborating in Beamery reduces time to hire and finds more quality candidates for a role.