How to Import a CSV of Candidates into Beamery

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If you have a list of candidates stored in another system that you would like to add to Beamery in bulk, you can use Beamery’s Import Contacts feature to upload a CSV file and easily create Beamery profiles in bulk. 

For more information on the Beamery Profile, check out this article.

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How to Import Contacts from a Spreadsheet into Beamery
Are Imported Files Protected?
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How to Import Contacts from a Spreadsheet Into Beamery

  1. Navigate to the CRM, and then select Add Contacts > Import Contacts. importer_new_UI.png
  2. On the import contacts page, you will find a link to download a .CSV template as well as some rules to follow for successful uploads. You can use the template to organize the information that you would like to import into Beamery or you can create your own file.

    The standard fields mapped in CSV upload are:

    • Full Name
    • Latest Role
    • Latest Company
    • Social Link*
    • Email Address*
    • Phone Number*
    • City
    • Country
    • Profile Tag*
    • Notes

    * Multiple values per contact can be imported with a delimiter.

  3. If you are importing information into custom fields within Beamery, ensure that the column header in your spreadsheet for the custom field is an exact, case-sensitive match for your field title in Beamery. When importing date fields, they must be formatted YYYY-MM-DD.
  4. You must also ensure that your spreadsheet contains either a social link or email address for each profile that you are importing. This allows Beamery’s deduplication system to check the CRM for contacts that already exist with this information. If a contact already exists in your database that contact's profile will be updated by your import. Phone numbers, email addresses, social links and Global Tags will be added to a profile if it already exists. Custom fields will be overwritten if the profile already exists. This prevents the erroneous creation of duplicate profiles. 
  5. Finally, check that there are no blank columns in your spreadsheet. 
  6. Once you have uploaded your formatted .CSV file you will map your data fields on the next page. To delete your uploaded file, simply click the trashcan icon next to the file name. Beamery will attempt to map your fields automatically, but you will need to complete the mapping before you can confirm the import. 
  7. The fields from your .CSV are on the left and your Beamery fields are on the right. Use the dropdowns on the right to match the columns from your .CSV to your database. 

  8. For multiselect fields, tick the box next to the field and confirm the data delimiter - by default this is a comma, but you may change it if you need to. multiselect---contact-importer.gif

  9. If you have included fields in your spreadsheet that you do not wish to import, simply untick the box next to that field to deselect it. 

  10. Once you are satisfied with your field mapping click the Confirm Import button at the bottom of the screen.

  11. You will then be taken to the Import History tab where you will see your current import progress as well as the summary and audit reports of all your completed importsimporter_new_UI4.png

  12. Email notifications will be sent once your upload is complete. This email will come from To ensure delivery of this email, please make sure to add the address to the list of your approved senders. The email will confirm that your upload is complete and list a summary of the contacts created, updated and any errors that occurred. 

Are Imported Files Protected?

The raw data imported into Beamery is temporarily stored in a private Google Cloud Storage bucket and is only ever accessible by the Contact Importer. No third-parties are ever able to read the data stored in the private Google Cloud Storage. No files can be uploaded to Beamery by any means other than the Contact Importer because Beamery requires a Signed URL which can only be generated with a private key. 

In Summary… 

Beamery offers a simple and efficient Contact Import feature, allowing you to quickly add contacts to Beamery in bulk from other systems. 


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