How Best To Work With Your Hiring Manager In Beamery

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Talent Acquisition teams and Hiring Managers often struggle to align. With too much back-and-forth and a constant need to re-calibrate once an initial slate of candidates has been reviewed, it’s hard for teams to get work done. Beamery is making much of this sluggish work more effective and, importantly, simpler with new Hiring Manager Experience. Learn how you can use tools in Beamery to most effectively collaborate with your Hiring Manager and get work done, fast!

Smart Profiles

With a new at-a-glance view, you and your Hiring Manager can understand a profile’s potential without opening the resume. More on the new Smart Profile here.

Once you find a profile that looks to be a good fit for the role, you can quickly send it to your Hiring Manager for review. More on how to share a candidate profile for review here



Vacancy Calibration

Vacancy calibration allows you to target ideal profiles by fine-tuning a Vacancy to match the specific needs of a role. Calibrated Vacancies generate better candidate matches and more qualified candidate suggestions. More on Vacancy Calibration here. But knowing if your Vacancy is in alignment with the ideal candidate your Hiring Manager has in mind can be tricky. Now, Beamery allows you to get your Hiring Manager involved in the Calibration process. Just choose your Hiring Manager from the dropdown list at the bottom of the Calibration page and Beamery will notify them by email.

Hiring Manager email received.png

They’ll be able to quickly access the Vacancy Calibration from their email, review your choices, and make edits of their own - keeping you on track as you source for your Vacancy. When calibrating your Vacancy, just click in the search box at the bottom to find the correct Hiring Manager and then click Save.

Vacancy Calibration Hiring Manager.png


We have also redesigned your Homepage, more on that here, to be easily accessible and targeted to help you and your Hiring Manager quickly see what needs to be completed and where to focus efforts.

From the new Homepage, use Tasks as a way to collaborate with your Hiring Manager to get work done. Start by clicking on Tasks in the left-hand navigation bar.

Tasks nav small.png

Here you will see all the tasks assigned to you. To create a task for your Hiring Manager, click Add Task in the top right-hand corner.

add new task.png

Then, share a message with your Hiring manager in the Task Description, assign the task to your Hiring Manager, set a due date and then choose if you would like to associate the task with a specific Pool or Vacancy. Once you’re ready, click Create Task in the bottom right-hand corner.

Hiring Manager Assign Task.png

Now the next time your Hiring Manager logs into Beamery, they will see your task on their homepage and be prompted to complete it by reviewing the candidates.

Hiring Manager Task.png