An Overview of Suggested Contacts

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Beamery surfaces quality suggestions to help you find the ideal contacts for your Pools. Save time with your candidate searches by letting Beamery find the right candidates for you. Go beyond just searching for candidates. Suggested Contacts uses AI to recommend contacts, ranked by how closely they match the contacts in a Pool.

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Getting to know Suggested Contacts

You can view Suggested Contacts any time you visit a Pool in Beamery. To review suggestions for your Pool, you’ll first need to have at least one contact already added to that Pool. Suggested Contacts can only be used on Pools that have less than 2,000 contacts. 

To get the best results, select candidates who are closest to the ideal contacts for your Pool’s sourcing objective. This might include: 

  • Silver medalist candidates who had everything going for them throughout the interview process but were edged out in the final application stages

  • Contacts you and a Hiring Manager have collaborated to identify as being a great fit for future roles

  • Specific candidates you found using filters and Boolean search that meet your requisition criteria to serve as a template to seed a more look-alike profile

Using any of the above strategies - or a combination of them - can help you effectively use Suggested Contacts to find candidates that represent the best fit for your specific sourcing objectives. 


Add Your Ideal Candidates to a Pool

Once your Pool has contacts, you will see the Suggested Contacts option below the Pool title. Clicking this banner will generate a list of up to 20 suggested contacts for you to review

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Add to Your Pool from Beamery's Suggested Contacts 

These 20 suggested candidates are automatically ranked with a Match Score and on-screen highlights to indicate profile data that Beamery considers the indicators of a good match. Skills, job titles, languages, location (geolocation) and keywords within attachments are taken into consideration to determine the Match Score.

From here, you can Add or Dismiss candidates from your Pool. The Dismiss button allows you to include a dismissal reason if you so choose. Once you’ve actioned at least one contact,  refresh the page and the suggested contacts will refresh to reflect your selections.

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  1. Add - Add the contact to your Pool.
  2. Dismiss - Exclude the contact from your Pool. Clicking Dismiss will prompt you to give a reason why the contact is not a fit. Reasons include: Lacks Desired Skills, Not in Desired Location, Lacks Desired Experience, Overqualified, and Other. Dismissed contacts will not be recommended again for the Pool from which they were dismissed.
  3. Match Score - The Match Score is a rating of how closely the suggested contact matches the contacts already in your Pool. This is based on skills, job titles, languages, location (geolocation) and keywords within attachments.


Suggestion Details

As you add candidates to your pool, Beamery will update the suggestions to reflect the changes you made. Each time you add a contact to your Pool, you are driving better suggestions.

Clicking into a contact’s Mini-Profile will expand your view of the characteristics Beamery has highlighted.

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  • Suggested Contacts Mini-Profile - clicking on a Contact’s name will pull up the Mini-Profile where you can see more information about the contact as well as which attributes (highlighted) have led to the match score. From here too, you can choose to add the contact to your Pool or dismiss the contact from the suggestions.


How Can I Use Suggested Contacts in My Role?

Check out these use cases to find new ways to leverage Suggested Contacts in your workflows. 


In Summary...

Suggested Contacts is an extension to the sourcing toolset available in Beamery. With this feature, sourcers will save time by letting Beamery find candidates that match your ideal profile. The quality of suggested matches will continue to enhance with time and repeated use.


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