How to Add Candidates to Pools

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Adding candidates to pools allows you to segment your database for multiple purposes, including creating pools of talent for specific roles, target lists for outreach campaigns or groupings of newly added contacts.

Table of Contents

Using Bulk Actions to Add Candidates to a Pool
Using Filters to Add Candidates to a Pool
Add Candidates to a Pool from the Profile
Using Import to Add Candidates to a Pool
Using Recipes to Add Candidates to a Pool

Using a Bulk Action to Add Candidates to A Pool

To add multiple candidates to a pool from the People Grid, navigate to People and select at least one candidate by checking the box next to their name.

A series of Bulk Actions will appear at the top of your contacts grid. Click the "Add to Pool" button.

The "Add to Pool" window will appear, displaying a drop-down menu of your existing talent pools. You can select multiple talent pools to add your candidates to. When you have finished your selection, click "OK".
Your candidates have now been added to your selected talent pools.


Use Filters to Find Candidates to Add to a Pool

You can also select candidates to add to pools by using Filters. Navigate to "People" and open the filter panel by clicking "Show Filters" on the left side of the grid. 

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Select at least one filter from the menu by clicking on your chosen data field and entering a value. Once your results appear, select all candidates who match the filters you have applied by checking the box next to the "Full Name" column heading. For more on using Filters in Beamery, check out this article.

A series of Bulk Actions will appear at the top of your Contacts Grid. Clicking the "Add to Pool" button will open the "Add to Pool" window. allowing you to select the pool (or pools) you want to add the candidates to. Click "OK" to finalize your selection.


Add A Candidate to a Pool from the Profile

You can also add candidates to a pool through their individual profile. To do so, you must first locate the candidate in your system either by using Quick Search or Filters. Once you find your contact, click their name to open their profile.

Locate the "Pools" section on the right side of the profile. From here, you can click the "+" icon. The "Add to Pool" window will appear, and you can select your chosen pool. 


Add Candidates to a Pool by Importing a Spreadsheet

You can add candidates directly into a Pool when importing them into Beamery. To do so, navigate to "People" and choose Add Contacts and then select Import Contacts.

Click on "Add a file" and then choose the spreadsheet of contacts that you wish to import.

Next, select a pool from the drop-down menu to automatically assign your imported contacts to.

Once you've mapped all of your spreadsheet columns into the appropriate Beamery columns, click the "Confirm Import" button. 

To learn more about how to import your contacts into Beamery, please click here.


Add Contacts to a Pool Using a Recipe

You can also add candidates to a pool automatically by creating a Recipe. To create a Recipe, start by navigating to the "Automation" icon in the left-hand navigation menu.

You have the option of selecting from several actions to trigger the adding of candidates to a particular pool.

For example, a trigger could be: when the contact is created, when they have submitted an application via Forms, when their status is changed or they have been added to a vacancy.

You can also add additional filters to narrow the parameters, as required.

Within the "Actions" section, select which pool (or pools) you want the recipe to add candidates to. Once you've reviewed the recipe, click "Activate".