Discover Smart Sourcing with Beamery

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Beamery's Smart Sourcing features allow you to incorporate AI into your sourcing process, saving you the time and effort of repeated manual actions, and allowing you to focus on higher impact initiatives. 

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Find Similar Contacts

Beamery's Find Similar Contacts leverages an AI-powered matching engine, designed to help you find talent just like your top candidates, silver medalists or alumni. Choose a single profile and Find Similar Contacts scans your whole CRM for similar profiles, minimizing the manual work of sourcing and giving you more time to make meaningful connections with the best candidates.

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Suggested Contacts

Beamery's Suggested Contacts surfaces quality suggestions to help you find the ideal contacts for your Pools. Save time with your candidate searches by letting Beamery find the right candidates for you. Go beyond just searching for candidates. Suggested Contacts uses AI to recommend contacts, ranked by how closely they match the contacts already in a Pool.

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Not sure how to incorporate Suggested Contacts into your workflows? Take a look at the below use cases to find inspiration: 

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