How to Search for Specific Pools in Beamery

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Searching for Pools in Beamery

To search for a particular pool within Beamery, navigate to 'Pools' by clicking on the CRM icon in the left-hand navigation bar, followed by 'Pools' in the top menu. This will display all of your pools as well as any which have been shared with you.

How to search for specific pools in beamery_01.png

You can select from the drop-down filters to further refine by:

  1. Free text based on the title or description of the pool.
    1. Note: You must type at least 3 characters into the search in order to see results
  2. The type of pool: General, Sourcing or Event (if part of your package).
  3. The assigned owner of the pool.
  4. The assigned manager of the pool.
  5. Any Global Tags which have been assigned to the pool.
  6. Any Pipelines the pool has been assigned to.


Finding Pools in Profiles

You can search for pools a contact is a member of from within the Pools tab of a profile. From this view, you can only search for pools by name, rather than Global Tag, Pipeline or owner. Entering any number of characters will yield search results.