An Overview of Pools

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Pools in Beamery allow you to manage candidates around particular workflows and candidate attributes. Pools allow you to achieve more organization in your talent pipeline and nurture candidate relationships in a more targeted way. They can also be used to track contacts from events and segment contacts for campaigns.

For a guide to creating Pools, check out this article.

Table of Contents

Understanding the Pools List
Navigating the Grid View of a Pool

Understanding the Pools List

Beamery is upgrading it's design system to which will lead to even greater consistency and improved usability for all users. As the new design is rolled out across the platform, the first place you'll get to experience the greater accessibility is in the Pools List.

We've designed this page to improve the user experience and help you find what you need quickly and easily. Learn below about the design features available in the new Pools list.

  1. Searches and Filters - Quickly find the Pools you’re looking for with search and filters. Filters now save so you won’t need to reconfigure them every time.
  2. Export to CSV - A commonly requested feature, you can now easily export your Pools data to use outside of Beamery.
  3. Create Pool - Use this button to begin creating a new Pool. Check out this article for a guide to creating a new Pool
  4. Pool Name - Click on the name of the Pool to open the grid view of this Pool.
  5. Pool Columns - The new grid layout can display far more data on your Pools at the same time so you can see more at once.


Navigating the Grid View of a Pool

The Grid View of a Pool allows you to see all candidates who sit inside this Pool. From the grid view, you can review profiles and take actions like adding contacts to Vacancies or Campaigns. Find the grid view of a Pool by clicking on the name of a Pool from the Pools list. In the grid view, you will see all candidates within the Pool. 

Review the below diagram to learn about the grid view of a Pool. 

Pools Overview.png

a. Vertical Ellipsis Button - Click here to open a dropdown menu where you can choose to edit or delete the Pool.

b. Filter Options - Use Show Filters to open the filter panel, use the dropdown to select and apply a saved filter, or use the vertical ellipsis button to save the filters you have applied for future use. 

c. Show Columns Button - use this button to add or remove columns from your view of the grid. 

d. Add Contacts from Beamery - use this button to head to the People Grid in order to find more contacts for this Pool. 

e. Suggested Contacts - Click here to launch Suggested Contacts, Beamery’s bias-free AI sourcing tool designed to help you find great candidates for your Pools. Learn more here.

f. Pool Steps - Here you will see the Pool Steps of the Pool you are currently viewing, and how many contacts sit at each step. Click on the name of a Pool Step to view only the contacts at that step in the grid. If you are viewing a General Pool here, you will see candidate Status information here, as General Pools do not have Pool Steps. 

g. Profile - Here, you will see the profiles of contacts who are in the Pool. Click on a contact’s name to open their profile to review and make changes.  


In Summary… 

Pools in Beamery offer a great way to manage candidate profiles around specific workflows or attributes, for a variety of use cases. 


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