How to work with new Beamery Notes and where to find them

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Beamery is on a mission to simplify your talent-related tasks. We are constantly evolving and improving our product.

Beamery Notes is our product feature that allows you to capture any screening or interview information for each candidate in one place. You and your team members can easily come back to your notes anytime you need them.

New Notes. What has changed?

New Notes are available to Beamery users of the Smart Profile. Please note that if you use the previous version of the Profile (legacy Profile), you will not be able to see the new Notes functionality.

Illustration of new Notes located in the Smart Profile: 

All users can add a note in Notes or in Overview tabs. There are no restrictions on using the tab/adding information to the tab at this stage.

The Overview tab features the three latest notes added to a Profile. This includes root notes only, not replies to a note. You can add notes that reflect the stages of the hiring process such as pre-screening, screening, and interview.

If a note is added in the context of a pool or a vacancy, you can now specify it. Such specification is added as a label to the note. It makes it easier to scan notes and find the relevant content at a later stage if the data is properly labeled.

Illustration of data labels to specify a vacancy or a pool: 

You can also specify any unique tags linked with your note. For convenience, we still call such tags “Activity tags”. Tags serve as a foundation for good reporting and data analytics, so it is important you develop your internal language to reflect your talent activity and report on it correctly for future business decisions.

Envision a scenario when you have just had a screening call with a prospect. You can then label your note with relevant tags such as “Call” as the main activity tag and “Screening” as a type of note.

The functionality of adding ‘activities’ to the Timeline is no longer available. Beamery is moving away from the elusive notion of activities.

Illustration of the notification that can help you to start using Notes immediately within the Smart Profile:

What else can you do with your Notes?

  • You can reply to a note and create a conversation thread to make sure the discussion is documented and not lost.
  • You can @mention a user on a root note or in a reply to the root note to involve them in conversations. Please note that only Beamery users can be mentioned in threads.
  • ⚠️Important ⚠️: Users @mentioned on a root note receive an email and a notification in Beamery. Users @mentioned in a reply don’t get any notification yet. This is a known issue and we’re working on fixing it in the upcoming months.Only the creators of notes can edit or delete them. Other users don’t see an editing pencil sign (✎) and a trash icon (🗑️) on notes they have not created.

Confidentiality settings.

  • Confidentiality settings are available for notes. The creator of the note decides whether the note they are creating is public (visible to all Beamery users who have access to this contact) or confidential (visible only to users they select from the drop-down list).
  • Users need to type at least 3 letters of a name to start getting name suggestions.
  • Super Admins have access to all notes and replies created, even the confidential ones. This mirrors confidentiality settings on the contact level.

More improved Notes features are coming soon. Watch this space.