Using Time Delta Metrics to Measure Time to Offer

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Reporting on Time to Offer with Data Explorer in Time Delta Metrics allows you to understand and analyze which of your recruiters are most efficient, giving you the insight you need to optimize processes for all recruiters.  

By following the steps in this article, you will build a Time to Offer report that shows the average time it takes for a candidate to be made an offer, for each recruiter who uses Beamery. 

For users who are new to using Time Delta Metrics with Data Explorer, you may wish to check out this article.

How to Create a Time to Offer Report

The following steps will teach you how to build a Time to Offer report using Time Delta Metrics in Beamery’s Data Explorer: 

  1. Begin by heading to Data Explorer from the left-hand navigation menu. 
  2. Under Create New Report, select Time Delta Metrics.
  3. Now, under From, use the dropdown menu to select Vacancy Stage and your organization’s first Vacancy Stage (e.g. Review
  4. Then, under To, use the dropdown menus to select Vacancy Stage and your organization’s Vacancy Stage that signifies a candidate has been offered the role (e.g. Offer Approval). Click Next.
  5. Now, select Assigned to for the Visualize by dropdown. 
  6. If you would like to apply filters to only include a certain group of candidates in your report, click Show filters to open the filter panel. A great option here would be to use the Team Assigned to filter to create a team-specific report. Note that the default time frame for all Time Delta Metrics reports will show the last 30 days, you can make changes to this in the filter panel. 
  7. Once you are happy with all of your selections, click Create new Report
  8. You have now created your Time to Offer report. Make changes to the visual representation of the report using the Chart Type drop down, if you wish. 
  9. If you make changes to a report you have run, click Update Report in the top right to visualize those changes in your report.
  10. Want to save your report? Click the vertical ellipses in the top right of the page and select Save as New. Now you can access this same report and share it with others. After saving your report, it will become available in the Use Saved Reports section of the Data Explorer Home Page.

In Summary… 

By following the instructions in this article, you will be able to create a report in Beamery that measures the time to offer for each recruiter in your organization. 


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