How to Report on Skills in your CRM

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With a skills-based approach to hiring, you can find candidates who can do the job, not just the ones who have had a particular job title in the past. 

Reporting on Skills in Beamery using Data Explorer allows you to evaluate and understand the skills in your CRM overall, your talent communities or a specific pipeline. This gives you the insight you need to plan ahead, and reduce business risk. 

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How to Report on Skills in your CRM

The following steps will teach you how to build a skills report using Data Explorer: 

  1. Head to Data Explorer, by clicking on the reporting icon in the left hand menu.
  2. On the left-hand side of the Data Explorer dashboard, select Current Contacts, and click Next.
  3. Then, in the Visualize your Data dropdown, select Skills.
  4. Next, it’s time to apply your filters by selecting a saved filter from the drop down menu, or clicking show filters to open the filter panel.

    The filters you apply will define the candidates that your report shows, so if, for example, you’d like to report on the skills in your engineering talent community, you should apply a filter here to only show those candidates. Another example would be to apply a filter to show all candidates in a specific vacancy, to understand the skills in that vacancy’s pipeline and discover which skills you may still need to source for.
  5. When you’re happy with your filters, click Create New Report to create your report.

  6. You can now make any adjustments to the Chart type using the drop down menu to choose the visualization that best suits your data.
  7.  Finally, if you’d like to return to this report at a later date, use the vertical ellipsis button to save your report.


In Summary… 

Following the steps in this article will allow you to report on the skills of any segment of your CRM, giving you insights into the skillset of your candidates and allowing you to take action to increase the presence of key skills to your organization, ultimately reducing business risk. 


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