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Campaign Dashboard: Messaging Leaderboard

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Team leads (admins/team members) need to see how effectively their team is communicating and who is most effective.

To do this, companies who are using Campaigns need to be able to see (and export to CSV) based on given parameters (timeframe, team/user, campaign touch) how active and effective their team has been at sending campaigns, and whether this effectiveness is rising compared to previous period.

To see this information, head to Insights reporting by clicking the reporting icon in the left hand sidebar, and selecting the Insights tab from the top menu bar.

Then, select Campaigns from the dropdown at the top left of the screen. This will take you to the Campaigns Report. 

At the bottom of this screen, you will find the Messaging Leaderboard:




The messaging leaderboard presents the following information in ranked order of the users:

  • Name: Name of the user
  • Rank: Rank is based on the count of unique replies
  • Messages sent: The number of messages sent through campaigns
  • Unique recipients: The number of unique recipients reached through the campaigns. A contact reached through 2 separate campaigns, will only be counted once on this metric
  • Open rate: Percentage of messages that have been opened at least once
  • Clicks: Count of messages that include a link that has been opened at least once.
  • Reply rate: Percentage of messages that received at least one reply


For the number of messages sent, and the open, and reply rates, the variation compared to the previous period is also shown to indicate changes in the performance of the campaigns.

The period used to calculate those changes is based on the period selected for the entire dashboard on top of the screen.

For instance, if the period selected is “last 90 days”, the variation will be calculated comparing the last 90 days, with the previous 90 days.

Column Sorting

The leaderboard is sorted by default by the rank of each user. The dashboard can `be sorted by any of the columns. Simply click on the column header to sort, in ascending order, by this column.


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