How to Create, Save and Share a Report

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Beamery’s Data Explorer makes it easy to visualize the data in your CRM, lets you broaden your reporting to support use cases like diversity, and makes reporting workflows more user friendly. 

With Data Explorer, you can intuitively report on the talent acquisition metrics that matter most to enable data-driven decision making and save time. What’s more, admin users can share reports with all other Beamery users in their company.

Follow these steps to create a new report, save the report, and share it with all users in your organization.

  1. Begin creating your report by first selecting your data options. The available options are: 
    • Current Contacts allows you to report on the current status of contacts in your CRM, useful for real time pipeline reporting. 
    • Time Delta Metrics allows you to understand the average time it takes candidates to progress between key timeline events, useful for time to hire reporting. For a guide on creating a report with Time Delta Metrics, check out this article.


  2. Click Next, then choose how you would like to visualize your data (c), add a filter to your data (d) if desired, and click the ‘Create new Report’ button (e). If you’re unsure where to start, you can also click ‘Show me how’ (f) for a step-by-step guide on report creation.
  3. After creating your report, use the drop down menus at the top of your screen to make changes and customizations to your report. Check out this article for a breakdown of all the available options here.


  4. Once you are happy with your report, you will need to save it in order to share it. To do this, click on the vertical ellipsis button (g), and select ‘Save as new’ (h) from the drop-down menu that appears.

  5. Then, name your report (i) and click ‘Save’ (j).

  6. After saving your report, the page will refresh. Now, click the vertical ellipsis button (k) once more, and select ‘Share’ (l) from the drop down menu that appears.

  7. Confirm that you would like to share this report by clicking ‘Share’ on the pop up window that appears. Please note that only the following roles can share reports: Super Admin, Sourcing Admin, Marketing Admin, Recruiter Standard, and Recruiter Confidential.                 

  8. Check the Saved Reports area of your Data Explorer dashboard. You should see your report appear as a ‘Public’ report.

Once Shared, all Beamery users in your company who can access Data Explorer will be able to view and use the report, saving time and helping your organization make data-driven decisions. 

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