How to Generate User Activity Reports

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Beamery allows you to measure and track how your team is using Beamery using Activity Reports.

Create customized activity reports over exact timeframes, so that you can determine the most efficient methods for building strong talent pipelines that meet your future hiring needs. 

Table of Contents

Activities Included in the Activity Report
How to Create an Activity Report

Activities Included in the Activity Report

When building an Activity Report in Beamery, you can select which Activities you would like to include in your report from the below list: 

  • Contacts Added - the number of new contact profiles added to Beamery by a user. 
  • Contacts Updated - the number of contact profiles updated by a user.
  • Tasks Created - the number of tasks created by a user. 
  • Tasks Assigned - the number of tasks assigned to a user. 
  • Tasks Completed - the number of tasks completed by a user. 
  • Notes Logged - the number of notes logged onto Beamery profile timelines. 
  • Phone Calls Logged - the number of phone calls logged onto Beamery profile timelines by a user.
  • Meetings Logged - the number of meetings logged onto Beamery profile timelines by a user.
  • InMails Logged - the number of InMails logged onto Beamery profile timelines by a user.
  • Direct Messages Sent - the number of Direct Messages sent by a user. 
  • Campaign Messages Sent - the number of Campaign messages sent by a user. 
  • Email Conversations - the number of email threads a user participated in. This includes direct email messages, campaign messages, and email conversations synced into Beamery from a user's connected email. 
  • Email - the number of email messages that are manually logged onto Beamery profile timelines by a user. 
  • Exploratory Visit - the number of exploratory visits logged onto Beamery profile timelines by a user.
  • Conference/Event Engagement - the number of conference/event engagements logged onto Beamery profile timelines by a user.


How to Create an Activity Report

  1. Begin by clicking on Reports from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. The first stage of customizing your activity report is to determine which user activities you want to report on.  On the right you will see a list of activities with their corresponding color displayed on the bar chart. Click on an activity to add or remove that activity from the bar chart. As you click on activities you will see the bar chart automatically update in real time. Any activity which is not included on the bar chart will be greyed out in this list. See above for a list of definitions of each activity.
  3. Alternatively, you can select which activities you want to show or hide on your report by selecting from the activity drop-down menu at the top of your screen. Select the checkbox next to each activity you want displayed and deselect the activities you want to hide. Your report will update in real time. 
  4. Next, you should select which users you want to feature in your report. Navigate to the "All Users" drop-down at the top of your screen. Simply open the drop-down and select the team you want to show in your report. You can scroll down or search for the team name. The report will update automatically to only show data for users belonging to the selected team. By default, all users in your team will feature in the report however you can configure the report to only show certain Beamery Teams. To learn more about creating  Teams in Beamery click here. Please note: if you don't have teams set up in Beamery, you will not see this dropdown option. 
  5. Now, you should select the date range for your Activity report. You can specify a time range based on a defined start and end date, or you can choose one of the quick time range options of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or 180 days. 
  6. To select your time range, navigate to the "Select a date" drop-down at the top left of your screen. You will see the option to specify a start or end date as well as the quick time options.
    Note: When you select a specific date, the time selected is 00:00hrs on that date. If you are looking to run a report for a one day period, you will need to select the following day as the end date for your report.  
  7. Your report will update in real time as you specify your time range. 
  8. Your report is now complete and is ready for analysis. Should you wish to Export your report, continue to follow these steps. 
  9. To export your Activity Report,  simply click the download icon in the top right of your screen. Your report will automatically download as 2 files: a PNG image file and a CSV file.

In Summary...

Beamery's Activity Report allows you to quickly and easily measure and track how your team is using Beamery.