How to Edit Information on a Candidate's Profile

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Both the mini and full profile views provide you with an overview of candidate activity and engagement. You can view their career history, highlight priority candidates and even re-sync available data enrichment to make sure you have the most up-to-date information on each candidate.

Table of Contents

Finding & Opening a Candidate Profile Campaigns
Primary Information Timeline
Work Experience Tasks
Vacancies Activity & Engagement Status
Pools Closest Connections


Finding & Opening a Candidate Profile

You can open and view a candidate's profile from any place in Beamery that you can see a candidate's name - including the People, Pool and Vacancy tabs of the CRM, as well as the Campaigns dashboard and reports.

To open a candidate's profile from your CRM database, simply navigate to 'People' by clicking on the icon in the left-hand navigation menu. 

You can use filters within your contacts grid to search for relevant candidates. To open a profile, simply click on a contact's name.

The contact's profile will open to the right of your screen. The contact profile is organized around six tabs:

  • Overview - manage candidate profile
  • Custom Fields - make updates to custom fields 
  • Vacancies - view all of a contact's vacancies
  • Pools - view all of a contact's pools
  • Timeline - history of all activities and messaging
  • Attachments - upload & view documents

To view a contact profile full screen, click the expand icon in the left-hand profile toolbar. This will open the contact profile full screen in a new tab. 

Updating a Contact's Primary Information

To update contact information such as first, middle and last name, click on the pencil icon next to the contact's name. Make the desired changes and click save.


Viewing Work Experience

You can view a summary of a contact's work history from within the overview tab of the contact profile. Simply navigate to the Overview tab and scroll down to view their Experience.

From there, you can use the "+" button to add work history or click the pencil icon next to a work experience entry to edit the details.

Adding Candidates to a Vacancy

You can add a prospect to a vacancy from their profile. To allocate a vacancy to a prospect, click on the "+" icon next to Vacancies.

A window will appear in which you can select the vacancy you wish to add the contact to. When selected, click save.

Managing a Candidate's Priority in a Vacancy

You can assign different priorities to candidates depending on their qualifications and preference for a role.

Navigate to the profile and locate the vacancy the candidate is in, either within the right-side panel or the vacancies tab. Within the right-side panel, select the flag icon next to the vacancy name. Within the vacancies tab, click "show" next to the name of the vacancy. In both cases, a drop-down of candidate priority options will appear:

  • High Priority (red)
  • Medium Priority (yellow)
  • Low Priority (green)
  • Undetermined


Select a priority level for the candidate. When selected, the flag icon color will update to reflect the candidate's priority level.



Managing Candidates Through Vacancy Stages

When a candidate has been assigned to a vacancy, you can update their vacancy stage from the "Vacancies" box in their profile or from the vacancies tab.

Select the drop-down menu next to the vacancy name or "show" within the vacancies tab. A drop-down of vacancy stages will appear. Select the vacancy stage you wish to add the candidate to. The candidate will automatically move to the selected vacancy stage. 



Note: currently this function must be done on the old profile view. To access this, click on 'Manage vacancies' from within the Vacancies section if you are in the new profile. 

Adding Candidates to Pools

Contacts can also be added to Pools from the Overview tab of the profile. Locate the pools block, then click the "+" button in the upper right corner.

You will see a pop-up window that will allow you to select a pool to add the Contact to. Once you have selected the Pool, click save. 


Adding Candidates to Campaigns

In the panel to the right, you can add candidates to Campaigns in the same manner as with vacancies and pools, by clicking on the "+" and selecting from the drop-down list. 


Note: currently this function must be done on the old profile view. To access this, click on 'Switch to old Profile' at the top of the new profile. 

Candidate Timeline

The Timeline is a record of all actions taken on a particular candidate. This includes all notes and activities logged by users, as well as timestamps for updates performed, such as changes in status or addition of that candidate to a pool. 

The timeline feed also logs all correspondence and calendar events synchronized from your email inbox, if you are using a connected address. 



You can create tasks for yourself or assign tasks to team members by clicking on the"+" icon next to the candidate's name and selecting "new task". 


Within the "Create Task" window, you can
- Name and describe the task
- Assign it to user
- Assign a due date
- Mark task as relevant to Pool or Vacancy (optional)
Once your task is ready click on the "Create Task" button


The task will immediately appear in the candidate's Timeline. From here, you will be able to edit, complete or delete the task.


Note: currently this function must be done on the old profile view and will not be included in the upcoming release of the new profile. To access this, click on 'Switch to old Profile' at the top of the new profile. 

Candidate Activity and Engagement Status

You can quickly see if a prospect has been contacted, if they are slipping away, if the prospect is "active", or if they feature on a do-not-contact list based on data synchronized from your email account as well as Beamery.

The candidate activity and engagement status will show at the top of the candidate's profile. 

  • Not contacted means you or your team members have not yet contacted the candidate
  • Contacted means you or a team member has emailed or sent a campaign to the candidate
  • Engaged means you have contacted the candidate and their last email interaction is equal to or less than 14 days ago
  • Slipping away means you have contacted the candidate but their last email interaction is more than 14 days ago
  • Do not contact means the candidate profile has been flagged "Do not contact" and the contact will be blocked from receiving any direct or campaign messages 
  • Do not campaign means the candidate has been flagged "Do not campaign" via an automated recipe and the contact will be blocked from receiving campaign messages only