How to Update a Contact's Status or Source

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Applying a status to a contact record allows users to easily track where contacts are in the full sourcing and candidate engagement funnel. Using a status, you should be able to discern at a glance whether the contact is someone that you should priorities approaching about a vacancy or whether to send them a particular type of communication.

Attributing a source to a contact , makes it possible to track and report on where contacts (and ultimately successful hires) are being found. This enables you to make more informed investment decisions and maximize your return on investment.  

You can update a contact's status or source in their profile, via bulk action in the CRM, through the Beamery Extension or through recipe actions.

Updating Status or Source from a Contact's Profile

1. To update the contact's status from within the profile, first find the contact you wish to update and open their profile. 

2. Navigate to the Status on the right side of the profile and click the down arrow. This will reveal a drop-down menu with all available statuses. Update the status by selecting an option from the list.

3. To update a contact's source on the profile scroll further down the right sidebar until you get to the section Source.

4. Click the arrow to reveal a drop-down menu with all available sources. Update the source by selecting an option from the list.


Updating Status or Source via Bulk Action

You can update the status or source for groups of contacts in the CRM module by using bulk actions. 

1. Start by navigating to the People grid. You can also perform this step in Pools or Vacancies if you prefer.

2. Select contacts individually, or identify the relevant group by using filters. You can then click the bulk action button and select "Edit status" or "Edit Source".


3. Make the appropriate selection from the drop-down menu and click ok to complete the update. 


Updating Status or Source from the Beamery Extension

You can quickly and easily update the status or source for a contact from within the Beamery Extension. 

1. Start by navigating to the contact's social profile (like LinkedIn) and open the Beamery Extension. This will display their pre-existing profile. If the candidate does not exist in Beamery, add them using the Beamery Extension. To learn about adding contacts via the Beamery Extension, click here

2. Locate the Global Status drop-down menu and select a new status from the drop-down menu. Any changes are updated automatically.

3. A contact's source can only be set in the Extension when the contact is created. It cannot be updated for existing contacts from the Extension. 


Updating Status or Source using Recipes

You can also update a contact's status or source automatically by creating a Recipe

1. Start by navigating to the Automation page by clicking the icon in the left-hand navigation menu. Once on the Automation page, click the Add Recipe button. 

For steps on how to create a Recipe, please click here.

2. Once the Recipe triggers and filters have been selected, you can now choose the automated action you want to happen (i.e., "update status" or "assign source").   

3. Contacts meeting the criteria of your trigger and filters will be assigned the new status or source that you have chosen.