Understanding Public and Private Contacts

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Collaborating on shared contacts with your colleagues is a vital function of Beamery. It can also be necessary to confidentially manage private contacts as well. Beamery offers the ability to maintain both Public and Private contacts within your CRM. Read on to learn more about the differences and how to best manage accessibility in your system.

By default, new Contacts are set as Private when they are created. When a Contact is added to a Public Pool, the Contact is set to Public. As long as a Contact is not in any Pools or is only in Private Pools they remain Private. Here's an article that explains Privacy settings in Pools when creating or editing a Pool. 

Certain Roles contain user permissions to "View Private Contacts". Read more on Understanding User Roles. Sourcing Limited, Marketing Limited and Restricted Users are not able to view Private Contacts and so users with these roles may not see all Contacts in the CRM. Most User Roles have permission to see Private Contacts, meaning most Users may not notice the difference between Private and Public Contacts. But for Roles that cannot see Private Contacts, the number of Contacts in the database will appear smaller. 

You can also manage which users are able to view contact profiles by adding by adding contacts to a Private Pool and then sharing that Pool with users you would like to be able to view those contacts. Learn how to share a Pool here

The permissions around the visibility of Contacts goes one step further for users with a Restricted User Role. In addition to not being able to view Private Contacts, users with a Restricted Role can only see Contacts who are in Pools that have been shared with them. Otherwise viability is dictated by the Private/Public Contact status driven by the rules outlined above. Some User Roles can see Private and Public Contacts, others can only see Public. 

You can't make a Contact Private or Public manually. This is an automated process based on the Pools a Contact is in. Beamery's Exec Search module does introduce the ability to set Contacts as Confidential, based on the nature of your work. Speak to your CSM if you'd like to discuss adding the Executive Search module to your subscription.