Where Do Skills in Beamery Come From?

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This article contains answers to the question “Where do skills in Beamery come from?”  Below we outline the different sources of skills and how they are brought into Beamery.  To get a preliminary overview of skills in Beamery, start with reading the article found here.

Reliance on Skills

Using skills in Beamery reduces bias through the use of AI. These are present as Inferred/Suggested Skills in the Beamery Platform. As a best practice, these should be the primary skills relied upon when reviewing candidates.

Declared skills are also available in Beamery. These are open to interpretation by candidates and the best practice should be to validate these skills throughout the hiring process.

Lastly, at Beamery we don’t override or delete any skills with AI. Inferred skills are only additive to the candidate’s profile.

Source of Skills

Skills in Beamery originate from the following places:

Beamery AI (Inferred/Suggested Skills on the Profile)

Skills from Beamery AI are inferred skills based on the primary job title. The primary job can be manually updated on the candidate’s profile.

Primary utilization of inferred skills with Beamery AI reduces bias, provides consistency and increases fairness in the recruiting/hiring process.  Learn more about Beamery AI in our Beamery AI Explained and Beamery AI FAQ articles.  

The Beamery Extension

Skills that originate from the Beamery Extension are brought in by the parsing of attachments (PDFs), if they are included.  Beamery does not scrape any data from LinkedIn.  For more about the Beamery Extension, please read this knowledge article.

Resume Parsing

Skills from parsing resumes are either inferred skills based on the text on the Resume or declared skills.


Skills originating from Enrichment are declared skills that the candidate has declared on available platforms.  All skills from Enrichment are additive to the Candidate Profile.

*Skills on LinkedIn are not included through Enrichment.

ATS Integration

Customers with integrations to their ATS can have skills brought into Beamery from their respective ATS.  These skills are shown in Beamery as declared skills.  For more information on ATS Data Sync, please refer to this article.

Manual Entry

Declared skills can be manually added or removed from the candidate profile in Beamery.