Beamery CRM and Workday ATS Data Sync FAQs

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Beamery's CRM and its integration with your Workday ATS are a powerful combination that help your team maintain a single source of truth across all of your hiring systems. This way you know Beamery has the latest contact information from Workday for recruiters to use when contacting candidates. This article contains frequently asked questions about data flows, deduplication, vacancy status and more. 

Why is Beamery CRM the #1 certified Workday integration?

Beamery CRM enhances your Workday ATS, securely integrating to keep your data accurate, up-to-date, and synchronized in both systems. Beamery is Workday's only certified partner for CRM and our integration is fully API based to deliver 2-way updates between both systems in near real-time. With this up-to the minute accurate information, there's no risk of contacting someone already in an application process. Beamery's Workday ATS integration is speedy to implement, reliable and secure. 

Beamery works constantly on their Workday partnership to give you more access, improve the API, create a smoother workflow for recruiters, and empower you to find the right talent, faster.

Can I merge 2 candidates even if both have distinct Workday ID?

If more than one contact in the Beamery CRM has been sourced from the Workday ATS, and each has their own unique ATS ID, then Beamery will not merge these contacts. This is because they are identified as two unique candidates and to ensure that in the event of an error, no valuable data is lost. However if 2 contacts have the same Workday ID or their email or social links match, then these candidates will be merged in Beamery.

With Beamery’s Workday ATS integration, we can detect if a candidate has been merged in the ATS and sync this accordingly, ensuring that Beamery remains a single source of truth even after a contact is merged in Workday. Maintaining the same candidate information no matter which system you’re in and removing duplicates in the Beamery CRM 

* Please note: this function is limited and only available for customers using one-directional sync and may require additional configuration. Please request support by submitting a ticket. 

What happens to the contact records in Beamery if 2 contacts are merged in Workday?

Beamery is able to synchronize the merges made on the Workday side, into Beamery by pulling the relevant merge data direct from Workday.

When a merge of two contacts occurs in Workday, Beamery will pull that data across and if the two contacts have the same Workday ID or the same email address or social links, then those two contacts will be merged in Beamery.

Beamery surfaces the merge history via the contact timeline so you can view which contact (source) was merged into which (target).

Helpful Workday Merge Scenarios

Currently available for one-directional integrations only.

Scenario - Multiple job applications:
During a merge, when the source and target candidate have applied to the same job application and the stages(status) are different for each (i.e. ‘Rejected’ and ‘Review’), Workday will maintain two job applications with the two different stages for the merged candidate.

However, when pulled into Beamery - we only maintain one job application - the job application and therefore the stage(status) of the target candidate. Within Beamery, there can only be one application for the same candidate and the same vacancy.

Scenario - Maintaining source data after merge to target
When a merge is actioned in Workday, the ‘skill’, ‘attachment’, ‘language’, ‘education’, ‘source field’, and ‘experience’ of the source candidate is lost/removed. However Beamery maintains this data after it has pulled and processed the merge.

This is done in order to ensure Beamery maintains the same surviving candidates after a merge made in Workday and synced to Beamery.

Scenario - When a target candidate is created before the source candidate
When a merge is made, Beamery will represent the ‘Full Name’ fields of the target candidate from the Workday sync. Workday will represent the ‘Full Name’ fields of whichever candidate was either last updated, or if not updated, last created.

Therefore, in a scenario where the source candidate was created after the target candidate, then Workday will represent the ‘Full Name’ of the source candidate and not the target candidate. However, Beamery will represent the ‘Full Name’ of the target candidate, irrespective of which was last updated/created. This is because Beamery’s merge logic differs from Workday's merge logic.

Beamery’s merge logic is to always present the details of the target candidate. Workday’s logic is to present the details of the candidate who was last updated or if not updated, last created.

In the event of this scenario, the name discrepancy will be resolved during the next Workday sync.

Learn more about Merging Duplicate Candidates in Beamery.

What happens in Beamery when a Workday vacancy is filled?

When a vacancy in Workday is 'filled', the vacancy status in Beamery is marked as 'closed'.  This is done with custom mapping logic and ensures that Beamery and Workday are never out of sync. This feature was enabled on March 30, 2023 and enables status sync moving forward. This means that Vacancies marked as 'filled' in Workday prior to March 30, 2023 will not reflect this change.

Please note: you may request support for updating historical vacancies by submitting a ticket.

Are attachments, like resumes, synced to and from Workday? 

Yes! With the ability to sync attachments, you can maintain a single source of truth for resumes, CVs, and portfolios across both Beamery and Workday systems. No matter which system you are in, your input - from vacancies, applications, and profile attachments - will always be up-to-date. Note - attachments need to be in a file format that Workday accepts and must be less than 10MB. 

Acceptable file types 














*Please Note

  • Merging contacts in Beamery does not initiate a push to Workday.
  • New Beamery attachments will sync to Workday with new applications or any field update within Beamery. 
  • To push attachments (resumes) from Beamery into Workday, you must first enable permissions in Workday.

Are resumes added from Workday parsed in Beamery?

Resumes imported from Workday are not parsed in Beamery. The Workday integration is two directional, and parsing resumes from the integration could potentially overwrite experience fields in Workday. In order to maintain the most up-to-date information in your ATS, data parsing is not a part of the integration with Workday.

*Please note: This feature is limited and may require additional configuration. Please request support by submitting a ticket.