How to Create a Profile in Beamery

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In this article, you’ll learn how to manually create a new profile in Beamery. For instructions on creating a profile using the Beamery Extension click here, and for instructions on creating profiles in bulk from spreadsheets using Contact Import, click here

To help you understand the Beamery Profile, check out an overview of the Beamery Profile here.

Table of Contents

How to Manually Create a New Beamery Profile
Flow Accessibility in Contact Creation (Keyboard Shortcuts)

How to Manually Create a New Beamery Profile

The following steps will teach you how to manually create a Profile in Beamery. 

  1. Begin by navigating to the People tab using the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Then, click the Add Contacts button at the top right corner of the People Grid.  
  3. Choose Create Contact from the dropdown menu. Learn more about Importing Contacts here
  4. In the modal that appears, enter the name of the contact.
  5. Next, select a Status and a Source from the dropdown menus.
  6. Finally, enter an email address, social URL or both. This information will be used to enrich the Beamery Profile that you are creating, so be sure to include all of the information you have available.
  7. Click Create. On the Profile you just created, you will see that additional information has been added by Beamery’s enrichment engine. For example, you may see that additional social links have been surfaced and added to the Profile.
  8. If you have a resume or any additional information for this candidate, add it to the Profile.


Flow Accessibility in Contact Creation (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Your create contact flow can also be streamlined with the keyboard shortcut
Ctrl + \ + C . You'll be able to create a new contact with just a keyboard. Screen readers will announce the fields, selections and buttons for our visually impaired users to continue our goal of greater accessibility. 


In Summary… 

Creating Profiles manually in Beamery allows you to create a single source of truth for a candidate profile, and allows you to leverage Beamery’s enrichment engine in order to find more information about candidates.