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How to Add Candidates to Beamery from Their Social Media Profile using the Beamery Extension

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You can use the Beamery Extension to quickly add candidates from their social media profile, into your CRM.

The Beamery Extension allows you to add candidates into your CRM on the fly, without navigating back to your Beamery account. You can add candidates to Pools, apply Global Tags and add them to Campaigns so that you can begin prospecting candidates as soon as you find them.

You can download the Beamery Extension by clicking here.

For more information on the Beamery Extension, check out this article


Tale of Contents 

Adding New Candidates to Beamery
Adding Candidates from LinkedIn
Managing New Candidate Profiles within the Beamery Extension
Updating Information for Existing Candidates from the Beamery Extension

Adding New Candidates to Beamery

  1. Before using the Extension, make sure you are logged into Beamery. You can use the Beamery Extension across any social media profile including LinkedIn, AngelList, GitHub, Twitter and Facebook.
  2. To use the Beamery Extension, navigate to a prospect's social media profile, and click on the Beamery Extension icon located at the top right of your Google Chrome browser window. Or, if you are using the Extension in Recruiter Mode, click on the floating Bexa.
  3. In the Extension, the name of the Candidate may have been pre-filled. If not, copy and paste this fromt heir social profile into the Extension. 
  4. Then, enter the candidate's email address and click "Beam it". Beamery will use this information to find social media profiles and pull publicly available information about the candidate via enrichment.
  5. You can also choose whether to use BeamAssist to automatically take actions such as setting the contact status or source, assigning new contacts to a pool or vacancy, or adding global tags. BeamAssist can be enabled or disabled using the toggle at the top right of the Extension. You can edit the preset actions by clicking "edit" at the upper right and making selections within the pop-up window.
  6. If you have a candidate's resume, their email address will automatically parse across into their Beamery profile, so there is no need to add their email manually. Attach the resume after entering the name and the contact will be saved.

    On LinkedIn, you can download a PDF of the candidate's profile and drag this into the Chrome extension. Again, their full details will auto-populate so you can add candidates with just one click. 

Adding Candidates from LinkedIn

  1. To add a candidate from LinkedIn, navigate to the LinkedIn profile of a candidate and open the Beamery Extension.
  2. If you use LinkedIn Recruiter, the extension will automatically identify the candidate's unique public LinkedIn profile URL, aiding with contact deduplication.
  3. If you have a candidate's email address already, add this in. Beamery will run the email address through the data enrichment engine, to identify relevant professional and social information for the candidate, where available from public web sources.
  4. Click on the three dots to the top right of the candidate's profile, and then select the "Save to PDF" option. A PDF of the candidate's profile will automatically download.Screen_Shot_2020-01-10_at_5.24.46_PM-TRY__1_.png
  5. Drag and drop the PDF into the Beamery Extension. The information from the PDF will be parsed into a newly created full candidate profile in Beamery.
  6. Make any additional changes to the candidate's profile including status, source, Global Tags, Pools or Vacancies. You can also add the candidate to a live campaign.
  7. You can click on the diagonal arrow at the top right of the extension to view the candidate's profile in Beamery.open_profile-fww.jpg


Managing New Candidate Profiles within the Beamery Extension

The extension candidate profile is organized into five tabs.

  1. Summary - This shows additional data obtained via enrichment or attachment parsing. Here, add or edit social links and professional information and social links. In addition, manage the candidate's Status and add the candidate to Vacancy and a Vacancy Stage
  2. Fields - Remaining standard and custom fields about the candidate are located here. Add and edit their Name, Job title, Company, Primary Email, Source, Profile Tags, or Global Tags.
  3. Custom - Update candidate information contained in Custom Fields
  4. Related - This tab contains a variety of quick actions. Create notes, tasks as well as adding the candidate to multiple talent pools and live campaigns. Manage candidate's global tags.
  5. Files - View already saved files and upload new PDFs or Word documents.


Updating Information for Existing Candidates from the Beamery Extension

The Beamery Extension works for existing candidates in your CRM database. The extension will identify candidates that are already in Beamery, as soon as you open it. You will see a notification at the top of the extension to confirm this. To see this, navigate to the candidate's profile and open the Beamery Extension.

Any updates to the candidate's information in the Beamery Extension will be reflected in their Beamery profile. Any changes you make are saved automatically. You can view the candidate's profile in Beamery by clicking the diagonal arrow at the top right of the extension.


In Summary... 

Using the Beamery Extension allows you to easily create or update candidate profiles in Beamery as you go about your sourcing activities, without ever leaving their social media profiles. 


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