An Overview of the Home Dashboard

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The Home Dashboard is the first thing all users see when logging in to Beamery. The Home Dashboard provides you with the information you need to track your activity in Beamery and identify where you may need to take action. 

Please note: there is a new version of the Beamery Homepage available for use. For information on the new Homepage, click here.

Table of Contents

Understanding the Home Dashboard
Activity Metrics
Activity Graph

Understanding the Home Dashboard

Upon logging in, you will be taken to your Home Dashboard. If you would like to navigate to your Home Dashboard from any other page within Beamery, click on the Beamery Bexa icon in the top left corner of your screen. 

The home Dashboard is split into three components.  Take a look at the image below to learn more: 


a. Primary Metrics - Your primary metrics include the number of contacts assigned to you, the number of Pools assigned to you, and the number of Vacancies assigned to you. Click the link beneath any of these metrics to be taken to your contacts, Pools or Vacancies. 

b. Activity Metrics - Your Activity Metrics consist of six key performance indicators based on your activity within Beamery. You can apply a filter to these metrics to show your activity over different time periods. Take a closer look at Activity Metrics here.

c. Activity Graph - The Home Dashboard offers graphical depictions of three types of key activities:  Contacts Created, Activity Over Time, and Conversion. Take a closer look at Activity Graphs here


Activity Metrics

For each key performance indicator (KPI) included in your Activity Metrics, you will see a percentage change in the bottom right corner of the specific KPI card. This figure is calculated based on a comparison with the previous equivalent timeframe. For example, if you set the time frame to last 14 days, and in that time you sent 2 direct emails, but in the 14 days before that you sent 4 direct emails, you will see a 50% decrease as seen in the image below. Note that if there is no previous data available for comparison, you will see the infinity symbol where you would see the percentage. 


To learn more about the Activity Metrics on the Home Dashboard, see below: 


a. Activity and Time filters - The Activity Metrics will default to show only your personal activity. If you prefer to see KPIs for a team within Beamery, click the dropdown to make a different selection. Similarly, the default timeframe for the Activity Metrics is the last 14 days, but you can use the second dropdown to adjust this timeframe if you prefer. The time options are 7, 14, 28, 60 or 90 days. Note that these filters control both the Activity Metrics, and the Activity Graph beneath it. 

b. New Candidates Added - This KPI shows the number of new candidate profiles you added during the specified time frame. Click View candidates to be taken to a list of these candidates. 

c. Your Active Candidates - This shows the number of candidates whose last activity is within the timeframe you selected. Click View active candidates to be taken to a list of these candidates. 

d. Your Engaged Candidates - This shows the number of candidates whose last email contact is within the timeframe you selected. Click View engaged candidates to be taken to a list of these candidates. 

e. Notes Logged by You - This is the number of notes you have logged on candidate profile timelines within the timeframe you selected. 

f. Direct Emails Sent by You - The number of direct emails you sent to candidates in Beamery within the timeframe you selected. 

g. Campaign Messages Sent by You - The number of campaign messages you sent within the timeframe you selected. Click View campaign report to be taken to the Campaign insights reporting tool.


Activity Graph

At the bottom of the Home Dashboard you will find the Activity Graph. Use this to track your activity in Beamery over time. 

To learn more about the Activity Graph displayed on the Home Dashboard, see below:


a. Graph Selection Dropdown- Use this dropdown to select a type of Activity Graph. The options are: 

    1. Contacts Created - the number of new contact profiles you created in Beamery. 
    2. Activity Over Time - a personalized activity report, showing your activity within Beamery over time, broken down by activity type. 
    3. Conversion - a customizable graph showing the conversion rate of candidates between two vacancy stages over time. Once you have selected the Conversion graph type, cou can customize the vacancy stages shown in this graph using the dropdowns next to the Graph Selection dropdown

b. Graph Visualization Area - As you make selections from the Graph Selection Dropdown, or make changes to the Activity and Time Filters, these changes will be reflected in this Graph Visualization Area. Hover over a point on this graph to see the specific data for that point. 


In Summary‚Ķ 

The Home Dashboard is an invaluable resource when tracking your personal or team activity within Beamery. 


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