Using Data Explorer to Understand Bias in your Recruitment Process

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The first step to tackling bias in your recruitment process is understanding where it lies. In this article, learn how Data Explorer can help you to understand what biases may exist in your recruitment process. 

By following the steps in this article, you will build a report that shows the % diverse split of the candidates in your recruitment process, for any characteristic that you track using Custom Fields.

For users who are new to using Data Explorer, you may wish to check out this article.

How to Build a % Diverse Split Report

Follow these steps to learn how to report on the % split of characteristics that you track using Custom Fields:

  1. Begin by heading to Data Explorer, in the Reporting module. 
  2. Under Create New Report, select Current Contacts.
  3. In the Visualize by dropdown, select Vacancy Stage
  4. Next, use filters to define which contacts you would like to report on, a great option here is to use the Team Assigned to filter to create a report specific to a team within your organization. If you would like to report on all contacts in your CRM, you do not need to apply any filters.
  5. Then, click Create new report, and you will be taken to your new report. 
  6. In the Split by dropdown, select the characteristic you would like to report on, for example, Gender Identity and then click Update Report. Note that you will need to be able to view this custom field in order to report on it, learn more about custom fields with restricted permissions here. 
  7. Next, use the Chart Type dropdown to select Stacked Column Percentage
  8. Now, you will have a report that shows you the % Gender Identity Split at each vacancy stage in your process. Use this to evaluate where you may need to make changes in order to meet your organization’s DE&I hiring goals, and save the report so you can easily re-evaluate this metric after taking action! 



In Summary…

By following the steps in this article, you can create a report to evaluate the % Diverse Split at each vacancy stage in your recruitment process for any characteristic that your organization tracks using custom fields. 


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