How to Add Vimeo Videos to Beamery Pages

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When creating a Page, adding a video block is a great way to share dynamic and engaging content with visitors. However, only videos hosted on Youtube can be shared within a video block. What if your videos are hosted on Vimeo?

Below are instructions for how to add a Vimeo video to a Beamery Page using an iFrame block.

  1. Before you embed your video, you need to make sure you have the correct embeddable URL from Vimeo.
  2. Locate the video you want to embed on Vimeo. Click on the share icon (paper plane). In the pop-up window, go to the Embed box and select only the URL that comes after iframe src= between the quotation marks. (See image below)

    This URL should include the word "player". (The Link URL at the top of this share window will not work within an iFrame).


    Only the highlighted URL in this image should be used.
  3. Your URL should look like this:
    Not this:
    Note: The Vimeo share options may only allow you to copy the entire embed code. In this case, copy the entire text block then delete the extra text after pasting into the iFrame block in Beamery.
  4. Next, head to Beamery and open the Page Builder for the Page on which you want to embed the video. Find or add an iFrame block and click on it to open edit options on the left side panel.

  5. Paste your copied embed URL from Vimeo into the text box. The box should only contain the URL, so if any other embed code was copied, delete it now. (See images below).


  6. If the URL has been entered correctly, then you should see a video preview appear within the iFrame block on the right, as below.


  7. Once your video is successfully embedded, you can finish customizing the iFrame block by deciding what its pixel height should be and whether to expand it to the full width of the Page (as opposed to regular width, with a border).


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