How to Create Custom Footers for Pages & Forms

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Custom Footers for Pages and Forms allow you to create a standard custom footer for all of your Pages and Forms in Beamery, ensuring consistency across every Page and Form. 

The Custom Footer can include Links, a Site Notice, and Social Media information. The Forms Footer can also include a terms and conditions section. 

Table of Contents

Enabling Custom Footers
Site Notice
Social Media
Terms & Conditions

Enabling Custom Footers

You can enable each component of the custom footer via Company Settings and independently on pages and forms by clicking on the respective toggle, adding content and clicking Save. Toggling each component on will expand it and allow you to input content. Toggling the component to off will collapse it. To hide the content, you need to toggle the component to off, and click save.



Once the Links component is enabled, you'll need to input at least one Link Name (with a maximum of 30 characters) and Link URL in order to Save the content and allow it to appear on pages and forms. You can input a maximum of five links, and delete upto four links by clicking on ‘Delete’ next to the Link URL. When one link is left, the ‘Delete’ button will disappear.



Site Notice

When the Site Notice component is enabled for the first time, you will see a pre-filled, recommended text (as shown in the screenshot below).

You can choose to use the text as is, edit it or replace it completely. Once the text is replaced and the changes are saved, this text will no longer appear. In order to save changes to the site notice and enable it on pages and forms, you'll need to input at least one character into the text box and click on ‘Save’. There is no character limit for the site notice.

Using the options in the text editor bar, you can format the text to be bold, italic, and underlined. You can also change the text size to differentiate between headings and body copy, and choose the text color to match the brand, plus add in hyperlinks.

How to create Custom Footers for Pages and Forms - 01.JPG


Social Media

Similar to Links, at least one social media URL is required to Save the content and make it visible on pages and forms. You can choose to include any combination of social media accounts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

Link validation ensures that no invalid characters are incorrectly inputted into the URL bar and published onto the page or form.

How to create Custom Footers for Pages and Forms - 02.JPG

Terms & Conditions in Forms

For Forms specifically, there is an additional option to add a Terms & Conditions statement. Rather than a company-wide setting, the option to add a  T&C statement can be found as an additional Form Section on the Form editor page. This allows you to decide on a per-form basis whether to include a T&C statement and what it contains, if included.


This feature allows you to collect data from inbound contacts in a compliant and unobtrusive way. This is ideal for companies that have compliance concerns, but for whom a full GDPR-style opt-in process is not needed.