How to Manage Company Settings for Beamery Pages, Flows, and Forms

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The first step to managing Pages, Flows, and Forms in Beamery is to set up the company settings.  These settings will manage all aspects that are consistent throughout Pages and Forms. To configure these settings, navigate to your settings page by clicking on the cog icon on the left hand navigation panel and then select the Company option from the menu.

NOTE: This can only be accessed and edited by users with Super Admin or Marketing Admin permissions. 




1. Company name: The name of your company as it will appear on all forms and pages

2. Company URL: root url of all pages. 

3. Company Logo - upload the logo image file you would like to display on your pages and forms.

4. Logo URL: the URL the logo will point to. This can be overridden for each page or form.

5. Company accent: the color that will be used by default for button color.

Please Note: if your company color does not have a high enough contrast ratio, the color of your button will automatically be darkened to meet accessibility thresholds. The threshold for contrast is 4.5:1. Please use an online resource, often called 'Contrast Checkers', if you need to verify the contrast ratio of your company color. The background color of Convert Flows is #FFFFFF.


6. Google Analytics Tracking ID: Use your company’s Google Analytics ID to track all activities on Beamery pages, forms, and flows.

Google Tag Manager ID: the events we're supporting right now for GTM are: the default 'App Site' event, and the custom event called 'pagechange'

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7. Social login providers: enable/disable the social logins that are available for candidates on the sign-up form.

8. Sign-up form heading

9. Sign-up form body text: the text that appears on top of the sign-up form. This can be overridden form by form later on.

Custom Footer

10. With Custom Footers, you are able to append web links, social media icons and a site notice at the bottom of all pages and forms. You can include any combination of links, social icons and the site notice to share additional information with candidates.

Through the Settings page, up to five URLs can be included, such as links to their privacy policy, terms and conditions, information about other roles, and contact details. The site notice can be used for any legal statements and disclaimers, and include further links. The social media icons that customers can choose from include: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.


Once the Links component is enabled, you will need to input at least one Link Name (with a maximum of 30 characters) and Link URL in order to Save the content and allow it to appear on pages and forms. You can input a maximum of five links, and delete up to four links by clicking on ‘Delete’ next to the Link URL. When one link is left, the ‘Delete’ button will disappear.

Site Notice

When the Site Notice component is enabled for the first time, you will see a pre-filled, recommended text. You can choose to use the text as is, edit it or replace it completely. Once the text is replaced and the changes are saved, this text will no longer appear. In order to save changes to the site notice and enable it on pages and forms, you need to input at least one character into the text box and click on ‘Save’. There is no character limit for the site notice.

Using the Froala text editor, this text can be formatted to be bold, italic, and underlined to differentiate between headings and body copy. You can also select the text color to match your branding, and add in hyperlinks.

Social Media

Similar to Links, at least one social media URL is required to Save the content and make it visible on pages and forms. Users can choose to include any combination of social media accounts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

Link validation ensures that no invalid characters are incorrectly inputted into the URL bar and published onto the page or form.