How to Manage Beamery Pages

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All Pages follow a similar structure. Pages can be created and edited and after creation, Pages need to be published. A Page will not show publicly until it has been published.

After editing a Page that is already published, any changes will need to be re-published. Changes to a page will not show publicly unless the page has been re-published. Once a page is no longer needed, it can also be unpublished or deleted.

To access the Beamery Page Builder, click on the Pages icon from the left-hand navigation panel and then select "Pages" from the menu at the top.

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  • Published Pages (1) are shown at the top, above the Unpublished Pages (2).
  • For each Page, their status, creation date, and update date are shown (3). You can click anywhere in this bar to open the Page Builder.
  • In order to create a new page, users need to click on the “Add Page” button, at the top right of the screen (4).
  • You can edit an existing Page by clicking in the bar (3) to open the Page Builder directly, or by clicking on the ellipsis button to the right of the page (5) which will also enable you to edit the Page name and URL.
  • Clicking on the ellipsis button will also give you the option of copying the Page URL, deleting or cloning the Page.
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SEO and Social Sharing

Add an external facing page title and description used as the Title and Meta description when it appears in search results. 


Hero images and GIFs on pages are displayed when pages are shared on social media, and the company logo is displayed when Forms are shared online.