How to use Enhanced Search with Inferred Skills

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Supercharge your sourcing by using Enhanced Search with Inferred Skills. Save time by eliminating the need to compose complex searches. Instead, just search for the role title(s) you’re looking to fill and Beamery’s AI will identify the most relevant skills and expand your query. Enhanced search helps uncover hidden or overlooked talent that simple searches cannot find.

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How to use Enhanced Search with Inferred Skills

Using Enhanced Search with Inferred Skills allows you to spend less time building Boolean queries, and more time reviewing relevant candidate profiles. 

To use Enhanced Search with Inferred Skills, follow these steps: 

  1. Head to the People Grid, and begin composing a Boolean search using the Boolean input box in the filter panel, or by clicking the Boolean Search button at the top of your screen.
  2. In the Boolean Search window, enter a Boolean query containing one or more job titles that are relevant to the role you’re sourcing for. Or, simply enter the job title of the role you are sourcing for and nothing else. Note that you should use quotation marks around job titles that consist of more than one word, e.g. “Library Assistant” or “Product Manager”.  Then, click Submit to run your Boolean query.
  3.  Now, you will see the Enhanced Search modal appear in the filter panel. In the modal, you will see the list of skills that Beamery’s Inferred Skills AI engine has identified as being most relevant to the job title(s) you entered in your Boolean search query.
  4.  When you use Enhanced Search, Beamery maps skills to job titles for you so you don’t have to remember all the skills that match every req you’re sourcing for. Just enter the job title and let Beamery do the rest. If you’d like to run a search without Enhanced Search, simply toggle the switch to off.
  5. In the People Grid, you’ll see more results than you would if you had simply searched for a job title. You’ll see profiles that match the skills that Beamery has inferred as relevant. Enable Smart Search Ranking by toggling the switch to on to see the most relevant candidates at the top of your list.
  6. If you’d like to add additional filters, for example, a filter for location or status, click the arrow to collapse the Enhanced Search modal and apply your filters as usual.
  7. Enhanced Search with Inferred Skills also works with Saved Filters that contain Boolean search queries. If you have a saved filter with a tried and tested Boolean query that includes all relevant job titles to a role you often source for, apply this by selecting it from the saved filter dropdown, and enable Enhanced Search to expand your saved search and find even more great candidates in your CRM that you would never have found using only the saved search.


In Summary…

Enhanced Search with Inferred Skills uses AI to find the most relevant skills for job titles in your Boolean queries and adds them to your search, allowing you to spend more time reviewing profiles and connecting with candidates and less time writing and testing Boolean queries. 

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