How to Search for Vacancies in Beamery

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The Vacancies list in Beamery offers search and filter options to help you to easily find specific vacancies from the list, regardless of how many vacancies exist in your system. This is particularly helpful if you are on a  large team, or if your organization works with a large number of open vacancies at any one time. 

To search for a particular vacancy within Beamery, navigate to 'Vacancies' by clicking on the icon in the left-hand navigation panel. This will display all of the vacancies which are visible to you based on your permissions and sharing.

New Vacancies List2.png


You can use the free text search box to search for a specific vacancy using keywords in the vacancy title or description, or a Vacancy ID. Or use filters to narrow down the list of Vacancies. 

The filters available to you on the Vacancies list are: 

  • Vacancy Status - select Open, Hold, Closed, Cancelled or Draft. 
  • Vacancy Group
  • Global Tag assigned to the Vacancy
  • The user or users the Vacancy is assigned to.
  • Once you have selected an assigned user, you have the option of displaying Vacancies where that user is listed as the Manager, Owner or both.


The sorting options available to you on the Vacancies list are:
  • Highest priority first
  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Due date