Geo-location, Geo-enrichment, and How to Use the Radius Search Filter

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Radius Search helps you expand a location search beyond the names of specific cities to include municipalities in the surrounding area. For example, if you are looking to surface prospects within the immediate suburbs of a major city.

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What is a Geo-location?

Geo-location is the set of coordinates (latitude and longitude) associated with a contact's location. Beamery's geo-location feature is accurate from  xx.xxxxxx up to xx.xxxxxxxx (6 or 8 after decimal) / and within 10km of the location on a contact's profile.

The accuracy will depend on the location attributes specified in a contact's profile. For example - the geo-location will be more accurate for a contact whose location is 1234 Main St., Atlanta, Georgia than for a contact whose location is Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, geo-location will not be able to accurately run on a contact with insufficient or incorrect location data. For example - a contact whose location is Georgia will not return a geo-location. 

Geo-Enrichment and How it Works

Geo-enrichment ensures that all contacts in your database with a correct location field are also assigned latitude and longitude coordinates based on that location. These coordinates power Beamery's Radius Search Filter.

Behind the scenes, Beamery runs continuous geo-enrichment on all the contacts in your database. This is a workflow that checks in the background for contact updates and determines if the update contains new location data. When new location data is found, Beamery pulls new coordinates from a third party site to update the contact. 

This process is not instantaneous and may have a delay of 5 minutes (up to 24 hours). It is important to note that no personal data from your CRM is shared with our third party site. The only data shared with the third party site is:

  • address
  • city
  • country
  • postal code

How to Use Radius Search



Radius Search is a separate filter from the standard Location filter. While you can search specific city names and do 'contains' searches with the Location filter, the Radius Search relies on geo-tagged locations. 

When using a radius search, you will need to select the target city and a mile radius around that city. The default mile radius is 5 miles, but this can easily be changed. Be mindful of the geography of your target city when selecting your mile radius.

It is important to note that the radius search will only return contacts with normalized locations. Depending on how a contact was added to the Beamery database, they may or may not have a geo-tagged location. See below for tips for bulk updating contacts with geo-tagged locations.