How to Search for Candidates by Global Tag

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Global tags allow you to adopt consistent tagging across candidates in your database. Global tags can be applied to candidates as well as talent pools and vacancies to make them easier to manage and search.

Applying Global Tags to candidates makes it easy to find them in your database. Using CRM filters in Beamery means you can quickly identify relevant candidates in seconds.

Note: Global tags are managed by Super Admins who have the permission to create, edit and delete global tags. You should speak with your team Super Admin regarding any changes to global tags.

Using Filters to Find Candidates by Global Tag

When filtering by Global Tag within your database, you can decide whether to search by just one tag or several, and whether to find candidates with ANY or ALL the Global Tags in your filters.

1. To filter candidates by Global Tag, navigate to your "People" contacts grid. You can also filter candidates within specific talent pools or vacancies.

2. Open the filters menu on the top left of the grid by clicking the "Show Filters" button. Locate the "Global Tags" filter under Data Filters in the menu.

3. Select a Global Tag from the drop-down menu. Results will appear automatically as you select a Global Tag, showing only contacts who have that tag assigned.

4. To add a second Global Tag to your filter, select the "+ Add Additional" button immediately below the first Global Tag filter you applied. Select a second Global Tag from the drop-down menu.

5. Filters will identify relevant candidates who meet either ALL of the global tags you have selected in filters, or ANY of them. You can toggle between "ALL" or "ANY" at the bottom of the selected filter. Your results will update automatically.

6. If your filters are applied to candidates who match ALL filters, you will see "AND" in between each filter. If they match ANY of your filters, you will see "OR" in between each filter. Learn more about filter logic here

Candidates matching ALL filters:


Candidates matching ANY filters: