Save Time Sourcing Using Recipes with Suggested Contacts

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Save time by using Beamery to capitalize on your organization’s proactive sourcing efforts by combining automation and AI with Beamery’s Recipes and Suggested Contacts. Combining these features makes ‘hard to find talent’ a concept of the past, and helps you easily source talent for mission critical roles. 

Follow this guide to understand how you can combine Recipes and Suggested Contacts in Beamery to accelerate your sourcing. You’ll set up a Recipe to automatically fill pools with top-quality candidate profiles, and then leverage Beamery’s bias-free AI to easily surface more candidates who have similar profiles to those top-quality candidates. 

For users who are new to either of these features, you may wish to take a look at this overview of Suggested Contactsthis deep dive into how the AI worksthis introduction to Recipes, or this step-by-step guide to creating a Recipe.

Table of Contents

This guide will allow you to configure Beamery to do the hard work of finding great candidates for you. The steps you’ll take are as follows:

Create a Pool
Create a Recipe
Review your Suggested Contacts

Create a Pool

  1. Begin by navigating to the CRM module, and then click on the Pools tab in the top bar. 
  2. Then, click the Add Pool button to begin creating a new Pool. 
  3. Choose Sourcing as the Pool type.
  4. Now, give your Pool a name, add Global Tags, assign your Pool to a Pipeline and select a Pool Owner (and Manager, if applicable). 
  5. Select whether you would like your Pool to be private or public. If you are an admin user creating this Pool for another Beamery user or team, ensure the Pool is visible to those users. 
  6. Click Create Pool to finish creating your Pool. After creating your Recipe in the next section, you’ll return to this Pool to begin working with Suggested Contacts. 


Create a Recipe


  1. Next, you’ll create a Recipe to automatically add top-quality candidates to this Pool. Begin by navigating to Recipes by clicking on the automation icon in the left hand sidebar. Only users with Super Admin, Marketing Admin or Sourcing Admin permission levels can access Recipes, so if you do not have one of these permission levels, you will need to reach out to a Beamery admin on your team and request that they help you with the following steps. 
  2. Then, click the Add Recipe button.
  3. Now, give your Recipe a name, apply any relevant Global Tags, and click Next
  4. It’s time to select your Recipe triggers. Open the drop down, and select ‘is checked every 24 hours’.  Click Next to move on once you are happy with your Recipe trigger. 
  5. Next, define your Recipe filters. This is how you will determine which candidates are those top-quality candidates that you would like to add to your Pool in order to seed your AI suggestions. Begin by adding a filter for ‘Global Tag is Silver Medalist’, and then add filters for the experience, location, university, language(s) etc. that you believe top quality candidates should have for the specific role or job family that you’re sourcing for. 
  6. Before you move on from the filter stage, ensure that your filters are set to ‘AND’, so that the contacts will only be actioned by this Recipe if they meet all of the criteria you have set out in the filters. Click on the AND/OR button to update this. Then click Next to move on.
  7. You’ll next need to choose your action step for this recipe, which will be Add to Pool, and then you should select the Pool that you created in section 1 of this guide. 
  8. Click Next to move onto the review step, and once you are happy with the Recipe, click Activate
  9. Let your Recipe run for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours, your Pool will be populated with contacts who you have defined as top-quality, and as additional profiles meet your filter criteria they will be added to your Pool once every 24 hours.


Review your Suggested Contacts

Screen Shot 2023-10-04 at 3.27.17 PM.png

  1. Once your Pool has been populated with top-quality candidate profiles, as identified by Beamery’s automation engine, it’s time to leverage Beamery’s AI tool Suggested Contacts to find even more contacts like these. 
  2. Begin by navigating to the CRM module and clicking on the Pools tab in the top bar. Then click on the name of your Pool to open it. 
  3. Click on the Suggested Contacts button to begin reviewing candidates who are similar to those already in your Pool. 
  4. Click on a candidate’s name to open their profile and review their match score, click Add to add great candidates to your Pool, or click Dismiss to remove candidates who don’t quite meet the standard from your suggestions. As you add and dismiss candidates, the AI will learn more and produce even better suggestions.


In Summary… 

Using this guide, you can quickly set up Beamery to do the hard work of finding great candidates for you. Use automation to add top-quality candidates to a Pool, then use Suggested Contacts to find even more candidates who are similar to those top-quality candidates. With this setup, you’ll have a thriving pipeline before you know it!


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