How to Manage Forms

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Forms in Beamery allow you to gather information from candidates at key touchpoints in the candidate journey. 

For instructions on creating a new form, check out this article, or to understand the difference between Forms and Convert Flows, check out this article.

Table of Contents

The Forms List
Editing a Form
Discarding Edits to a Form
Saving a Form
Publishing a Form
Copying Form URLs, Deleting Forms and Cloning Forms

The Forms List

To navigate to the Forms list, click the Marketing icon in the left hand sidebar, then select the Forms tab from the top menu bar.

Forms Diagram.png

1) Select Forms from the left-hand navigation menu.

2) Published forms are shown in a list.

3) Below Published Forms, you will find a list of Unpublished forms. 

4) The creation date and the date it was last updated is shown for each form. You can also click in this bar to open the Form Builder and edit the form in question.

5) From this page you have the option of creating a new form by clicking on the “Create Form” button, at the top right of the screen.

6) Selecting the 3-dot (“...”) menu button on the right hand side of the form label will enable you to copy the Form URL or to edit, delete or clone the form.


Editing a Form

To edit the form, simply click on the form name which will take you back to the form builder page. Here you will be able to change the text of the sign-up form, as well as the order and content of the questions.


Discarding Edits to a Form


To discard edits to the form, click on the “Discard” button.

Clicking the discard button allows the user to revert back to the previously saved version of the form.

The Discard button will become enabled once any change is made in the form builder.

Note: The Discard button will become disabled once the users Saves the form, until another change is made. 


Saving a Form


To save edits to the form, click on the “Save” button.

Note: The form name and URL are both required fields in order to Save the form.
Once the form is saved in the system for the first time, two new buttons will appear, the Discard button and the Publish button. 


Publishing a Form


To make the form live and publicly visible, click on the “Publish” button.

Publishing the form will reveal a 3-dot (“...”) menu button. Users can view the live form or unpublish it from this menu.

Note: Users can simultaneously save and publish updates to the live form by directly clicking on “Publish”. Clicking only “Save” will not update the live form. Users must click on “Publish” to push the changes to the live form. 


Copying Form URLs, Deleting Forms and Cloning Forms

Copy Form URL

Once in the form manager view, to view a live form from the candidate’s perspective or embed the form URL elsewhere, click on “Copy Form URL” from the 3-dot [“...”] menu on a form card.

Delete Form

When a form is no longer needed, click on “Delete Form” from the 3-dot [“...”] menu. Once the form is deleted, it will no longer show in the Form Management screen.

Clone Form

Forms can be used as templates for creating another form. Users can choose an existing form that is close in content/structure from the new form they want to create, and select “Clone Form”