Track Activity and Communication History on a Candidate's Timeline

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The timeline tab offers a comprehensive history of the action taken on a contact profile, the communication history with the contact, and a log of all of the notes made in relation to a contact.

For an overview of the Beamery Profile, check out this article

Table of Contents

Viewing a Candidate's Timeline
Adding Notes
Creating Tasks
Adding Messages
Activity Filters

Viewing a Candidate's Timeline 

To view a candidate's Timeline, navigate to the candidate's mini or full profile. You can do this by searching for a candidate's name in the search bar and selecting from the drop-down search results. Alternatively, you can find the candidate from your contacts grid by navigating to People. You can use filters to narrow your candidate database.

Click on the Timeline tab. You can Show all activities or filter candidate activity via the drop-down beneath the Log activity field, to view only certain types of activity or all activities.


From the Profile Timeline, you can also see which user added the contact, the source of creation and the time and date that a record was added to the Timeline.

You'll also find timeline cards for activities such as:
  • When a contact's custom field is updated by a recipe
  • When a contact's confidentiality is updated
  • When a contact was anonymized

Adding notes

Now, logging notes on the candidate profile is easier with the new Smart Profile. Click here to read how the new profile notes feature works. 

Creating tasks

You can create tasks for yourself or assign tasks to team members by clicking on the "New task" button beneath the "+" icon on the top right of the candidate's profile.


Within the "Create Task" window you can:

  • Add a description of the task
  • Assign a particular user to this task
  • Check on the assigned contact
  • Update the due date
  • Add the task to either a Pool or a Vacancy

Once you have selected one of the above, click the blue "Create Task" button.



The task will appear in the candidate Timeline as a private task, visible only to yourself and the person with whom you shared the task. 

You have the option to mark the task as complete, edit the task, or remove it by selecting the desired option from the drop-down menu when clicking the three dots to the right of the task.



Adding messages

Any messages or events associated with the candidate's email address will also appear in their Timeline. You can filter the Timeline by selecting "Messages" from the drop-down menu at the top of the Timeline.

To expand the contents of an event or message on the Timeline, click "Show Thread".



Activity Filters

This filter allows you to narrow the list of events that you can see on the Profile Timeline by type. For example, if you click on Notes it will display all notes associated with the candidate.


Activities can be filtered based on their categories. Currently supported categories include:

  1. Updates - See all updates in the timeline
  2. Messages - See all email communication with the candidate
  3. Notes - See any notes associated with the candidate
  4. Email - See emails only
  5. SMS - See SMS Messages only