How to Bulk Import Profile Attachments

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While profile attachments cannot be uploaded in bulk by users, Beamery’s data team can facilitate the bulk import of profile attachments. There is a cost associated with this service , and you will need to reach out to either your Beamery Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Solutions Delivery Consultant (SDC), to request this. Your CSM/SDC will be able to provide you with more information and pricing, based on the specifics of your attachment import request.  

Table of Contents

How Does it Work?
Supported File Types and Sizes
Mapping Files
Number of Attachments per Contact
Attachment Parsing
File Storage After Import

How Does it Work?

To facilitate the bulk import of profile attachments, Beamery hosts an AWS SFTP server for file transfer. The user who will be making the transfer needs to generate an SSH key, and share the public half of that key with Beamery. Then, Beamery will provide you with details of where you should transfer your files. This ensures access can only happen with the private half of the generated SSH key.

The files you wish to share should be placed into a single folder called ‘attachments’. After you have uploaded the files to our SFTP server, our team will commence work on the bulk import of your profile attachments. If a timeline for completion has not already been agreed, your CSM or SDC will be able to advise you on this.


Supported File Types and Sizes

Beamery has a hard attachment size limit of 25MB. Any file larger than this cannot be added to a profile. The supported file types are: 

  • .txt
  • .doc/.docx
  • .pdf
  • .jpg/.jpeg/.tif/.png


Mapping Files

In addition to the attachments you wish to import into Beamery, you will need to supply two mapping files. This ensures that files are attached to the correct contact in Beamery. The mapping files should be as follows:

  •  A contacts.csv file that contains the contact firstname, lastname, and email addresses, and a unique id column at the start (unique id column could be email address as well)
  • An attachments.csv file that contains a unique id column (this will map to the one in contacts.csv file, filepath (including file name and extension)

contacts.csv file

ID FirstName LastName MiddleNames Emails Matthew Noble James Ahmad Assaf Mike Paterson Dan;;;;Lou


When carrying out the import, our team will use the email address provided in the mapping file to identify whether or not a contact exists in your database with this information. If the contact exists, the attachment will be added to the existing contact. If the contact does not exist, the contact will be created using the contact name (and email if provided) in the mapping file, and the attachment will be added to the newly created contact.

In the event of multiple attachments being added to a single contact, or multiple contacts receiving the same attachment, the mapping file must still be a single instance of unique identifier mapped to unique attachment, like so:

Attachments.csv file

ID FileName 8qw2mApLPX.pdf tech-folder/resume.pdf oXGngF2oVE.pdf 99qw2mApLGB.pdf DLF5VXXWcp.pdf hr-folder/CV.pdf


The files and the tree should be as follows:

Each folder's contents example:

Details list of files and folders in the example shared:

Description Root folder area Sub folder area
A file in the root folder |   attachments.csv  
A file in the root folder |   contacts.csv  
A folder in the root folder \---attachments  
A file in the “attachments” folder above       |   8qw2mApLPX.pdf
A file in the “attachments” folder above       |   99qw2mApLGB.pdf
A file in the “attachments” folder above       |   DLF5VXXWcp.pdf
A file in the “attachments” folder above       |   oXGngF2oVE.pdf
A folder in the root folder   \---hr-folder  
A file in the “hr-folder” folder above       |       CV.pdf
A folder in the root folder     \---tech-folder  
A file in the “tech-folder” folder above     |       resume.pdf


If you have questions about building your mapping file, please reach out to your CSM/SDC.

Number of Attachments per Contact

While there is no limit to the number of attachments that you can add to an individual contact, we strongly recommend that you only provide the most relevant files to the contact, and use this as an opportunity to ensure data cleanliness. Over time, candidates may have provided your team with many resumes, which may have since become out of date. We recommend providing only the most recent version of a candidate’s resume. 

Will the Attachments be Parsed onto the Beamery Profile?

All attachments added to profiles will be indexed for search, which means that the information contained within the attachments will be searchable in Beamery. Attachment parsing, whereby the information from the attachment is added to the relevant field on the Beamery profile is optional when adding profile attachments in bulk. There is a cost associated with the parsing of attachments when they are uploaded in bulk. Please speak to your CSM/SDC about this when you request a bulk attachment import. 

File Storage After Import

Once the files have been imported, the files will be deleted, in accordance with the time set out in the SOW. 

Further questions about bulk attachment import? Please reach out to your CSM or SDC.