Data Enrichment: Overview of Enrichment Actions & Settings

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Don't let your valuable data become stale. When a contact updates their profile on LinkedIn, the Beamery profile doesn't automatically update. That's why Beamery used Enrichment to help you stay up-to-date with the latest information about a contact, right when you need it. Plus, with profile Enrichment, partial records can be converted to full contact profiles with both public and legal information that people make available on various social networks.

Enrichment can also add the following data to contact profiles:

  1. Name (when empty)
    • First
    • Middle
    • Last
  2. Location (when empty)
  3. Phone numbers
  4. Links
  5. Education
  6. Work Experience
  7. Skills

Please note: Email will only be enriched during contact creation via Beamery Extension when the email finder feature is enabled. 

How does enrichment work?

It is important to note that enrichment does not overwrite existing information. New information is always added as additional data to the profiles. 

If a user updates existing information such as a phone number in a profile, then the number is added as a new number rather than overwriting an existing number. 

Users can see when the profile was last enriched by viewing the candidate's profile (legacy).

Last enrichd.png

And by viewing the candidate's new Smart Profile.

Enrich - smart profile.png


There are two types of Enrichment

Automatic Enrichment 

The enrichment action is triggered automatically by the addition of a contact with an email address (manually or via CSV upload), the addition of a new email address to an existing profile, or when a contact is created via Beamery Extension where the social link is used to fetch enrichment data. 

A profile without an email address will only enrich if it was created via the Extension. 

Information is then retrieved from data already collected by the Enrichment Engine. If no data is found, it searches for new data to update. 

Manual Re-Enrichment

You can trigger re-enrichment by clicking the "Re-enrich" button at the top of the profile.


(old profile view)

(new profile view)

This will trigger the Enrichment Engine to look for new data, but only if the last enrichment date was more than 30 days ago.



Enrichment and GDPR Compliance

How does Beamery's Enrichment tool manage GDPR compliance? Beamery Enrichment pulls from data sources consisting of publicly available data and other public records. As public records, the data Beamery uses to enrich profiles is compliant with GDPR.  


Disabling Enrichment

A user can disable enrichment for individual contacts if they so choose. This may be needed for the customer’s own process reasons or if candidates have inaccurate information on their social network profiles. When enrichment is turned off, the profile created in Beamery might lack additional information such as email address, social URLs, or more skills in addition to those parsed from the resume.

Screen_Shot_2019-10-10_at_11.50.50_AM-h1c.pngdisable enrichment.png