HRIS<>Grow<>CRM Integration FAQ

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What if we don’t have Grow but we’d like to have this?

Please talk to your Customer Success Manager!

Which HRIS integrations are available?

Beamery has a live integration with many HRIS - including SAP SuccessFactors and Workday - which can support most use cases for Beamery Grow and Beamery CRM.

Is the integration included with the purchase of Grow?

Yes, the HRIS integration is included with the purchase of Grow.

Is the Contact Type field available to all CRM customers?

No. In order to access this field, an integration with your HRIS must first be established. 

How does merging logic work if an employee already exists in the CRM as a contact?

The Grow integration uses the same merge logic that currently exists in the CRM. New contacts are created with no conflict and existing contacts are updated to employee. You can read more about Merge Duplicate Candidates in Beamery here. 

Is there a risk of duplicate contacts?

If contacts have multiple personal email addresses, duplicate contacts are possible. If a personal email address is not able to be obtained from the HRIS, there is also a chance a duplicate contact will be created. 

How can we limit the risk of duplicates?

The best way to mitigate the risk of duplicate contacts is to make sure that your HRIS integration includes work and personal email addresses for employees. 

How does Grow help prevent duplicates in the CRM?

The HRIS integration will always be the first source. Otherwise, the employee experience provides nudges to capture employee personal email addresses which in turn mitigates duplicate creation through the integration. 

Are employees enriched when their data is passed to the CRM?

This is possible, though not the default experience. If you are interested in enriching the data of your employees, please speak with your Customer Success Manager.