What’s the Difference Between a Convert Flow and a Beamery Form?

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In September 2020, Beamery introduced Convert as part of an early access program. Convert has been designed to allow you to capture candidate data for your recruitment initiatives at key candidate touchpoints, such as first contact, job application, joining a talent community, or registering for an event - Convert has been designed to improve the candidate experience, and to help you activate your organization’s employer brand and talent marketing initiatives.

With Convert, you can easily and efficiently create modern and accessible Flows to capture key candidate information. What’s more, the information is captured in a way that allows you to leverage it in reporting in order to understand how to focus on the channels and strategies that allow you to meet your goals.

For an overview of Convert, check out this article.

Convert will eventually replace the existing Forms functionality. Here's a look at how the two Beamery products compare to one another, and why you might want to switch from Forms to Convert.. 


Table of Contents

Candidate Experience
Improved Data Collection
Form Management in Beamery
User Experience

Candidate Experience

Beamery Form Convert Flow
In order to see and submit forms, candidates must log in using social media sign up options, or by creating a password. Logging in is not required for a candidate to submit a form, removing an obstacle for candidates and increasing candidate conversion rates.
Company branding on Forms is minimal, leading to potentially disjointed candidate experience. Company branding on Flows is customizable, allowing for seamless and consistent candidate experience.
Forms can be used on tablets and mobile screens, but are best optimized for desktop use. Convert Flows have a modern feel and look and function great on desktop, tablets, and mobile screens.


Improved Data Collection

Beamery Form Convert Flow
Forms can contain questions that are not tied to Custom Fields in Beamery. The result of this is that the information gathered is only stored on profile timelines, and is not actionable or reportable. Custom questions in Flows must be linked to corresponding custom fields. This means information gathered from candidates is actionable using Recipes, and reportable using Data Explorer.
Forms can only link to drop-down and free text custom field types. Custom Questions in Flows can be linked to all four custom field types: Drop Down, Multi-Select, Date, and Free Text.
Data Privacy Statements can be edited on each form. Data Privacy Statements are controlled by admin users in Settings, for systematic compliance language.


Form Management in Beamery

Beamery Convert gives you a simple, efficient way to manage your Flows with the Flows Dashboard, which enables you to search and filter for Flows.

Beamery Form Convert Flow
No ability to search or filter your company’s list of Forms. Search your Flows list using free text or by the URL link. Filter the list based on the Flow Status, or the Flow Owner.
Standard users can create, edit, and save forms as drafts. Only Admins can publish and delete forms. Standard users can create, edit, and save as drafts. Only Admins can publish and delete Flows.


User Experience

Beamery Convert brings about a new user experience when building a Flow, compared to the experience of building a Beamery Form. 

Beamery Form Convert Flow
No preview available when building a form. See a real-time preview of your Flow as you build it, including how a Flow will look on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. This allows you to assess the impact of any changes you make.
Custom Questions are displayed as the title of the custom field in Beamery and that text cannot be edited. The titles of custom questions can be edited to be more candidate-friendly, and do not need to match the names of the fields in Beamery.
Cannot choose which options in a field will be displayed to candidates. Users can select which custom field options they would like to include for a custom question, allowing Flows to be highly tailored towards the situation in which they will be used.


In Summary… 

Beamery’s Convert Flows offer a user-friendly experience for both Beamery users and candidates, as well as offering significantly improved data collection functionality. 

With Beamery Convert, user experience is improved with enhanced previewing and question customization options, Flow management is improved with the Flows Dashboard, data collection is improved with stronger links to custom fields, and the candidate experience is improved with the removal of candidate login and more modern visuals.

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