Understanding Time Based Filters

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Keep your pipeline active by taking advantage of time based filters. Use time based filters to identify who has not responded to your direct emails or campaigns as well as contacts who might need to be followed up with or actioned upon within Beamery.   

Understanding Time Based Filters

Time Based Filters allow you to filter your CRM based on the timing of certain events or activities in Beamery. See the below list for the time based filters available to you: 

Last Activity: The following activities will update the last activity field:

  • Adding to/removing from from a Pool
  • Changing the Status
  • Adding to a Vacancy/Job Req
  • Changing the Source
  • Updating contact owner
  • Adding a new task to contact
  • Logging activity on the contact's timeline
  • Setting a contact to 'do not contact'

Last Activity is not updated when

  • Adding Global tag
  • Adding an email address
  • Adding a phone number
  • Adding skills
  • Adding a Profile Tag
  • Adding an Attachment
  • Adding a Related Profile
  • Adding to a Campaign
  • Sending an Email
  • Adding a language
  • Adding a preferred location
  • Updating custom fields
  • Updating social links
  • Updating the summary

Last Contact: This filter represents the last time an outbound message was sent to a candidate. Message types included are:

    • Outbound SMS
    • InMail
    • Emails (including Bulk Emails)
    • Campaign Messages

For example, "Last contact less than 90 days" will show people you contacted within last 90 days.

Last Heard From: This filter represents the last time a candidate contacted you via email or inbound SMS. For example "Last heard from = never", will show candidates that have never replied to campaigns, or emailed you or a team member.

Last Email Interaction: This filter identifies the last "open/click" on an email event, whether campaign,  direct email or bulk email. 

Days in Status: This filter will allow you to identify how long contacts have been in a status for. This is a good way to utilize the stacking capabilities of filtering where you can filter by a specific status for example, 'Status IS Contacted' and add an additional filter where 'Days in Status IS more than 30 days'.

Date Created: This filter allows you to filter contacts by the date they were created. Use this filter in conjunction with a filter by user to see how many contacts have been added by specific Beamery users.  

Unsubscribed: View how many contacts have unsubscribed from a campaign in a given timeframe. Identify which campaigns have had more unsubscribed than others by stacking an addition 'Campaign IS' filter, or by 'Vacancy IS'.

Campaign Received Date: Use this filter to identify contacts that have never received a Campaign, or how many contacts received Campaign emails in a given timeframe. For example, how many Campaign messages were received in Q2?

Last Consented: This filter will help you to know when the last time a contact consented to receive emails.

Pool Date Added: View contacts who have been added to a pool on a specific date or within a date range of your choosing by filtering 'Pool Date Added'. View contacts that have not been added to a pool by selecting 'Pool Date Added = never'. 

Vacancy Date Added: View contacts who have been added to a vacancy on a specific date or within a date range of your choosing by filtering 'Vacancy Date Added'. View contacts that have not been added to a vacancy by selecting 'Vacancy Date Added = never'.

For more information on how to use Filters and Save Filters, click here.