How to Export Candidates to a CSV File

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You can export a list of contacts from your CRM into a CSV file, allowing you to easily share and process contact data externally.

NOTE: This option needs to be enabled with your plan. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

How to Export Contacts

You can export contacts from anywhere in your CRM module, i.e. People, Pools or Vacancies. 



Select the candidates you wish to export by checking the box next to their name on the People Grid. Alternatively, you can use filters or Boolean search to find the relevant candidates in your database, and check the box within the Full Name column heading, to select all candidates that meet your filters or search results.

The fields that will be exported to the CSV file will match the columns that are visible in the CRM grid when you initiate the export. Ensure that all the fields you wish to include are selected using the "Show Columns" in the upper right corner. Each export will also contain a handful of standard fields that cannot be removed, in order to ensure that each candidate record in your export has uniquely identifying information. 


After you have selected which candidate profiles you would like to export, the bulk actions dropdown will now appear at the top of your contacts grid. Simply click the Export to CSV option and a modal will appear confirming the number of contacts you are exporting, and the number of columns of information that will be included in the export. Click Export to CSV to initiate your export. 


Once your file is ready, you can download it from your notifications page.   

Note: File export links are only valid for 4 hours.

Exporting from Pools and Vacancies

When exporting contacts to CSV from within a Pool or Vacancy, the Pool Step and Vacancy Stage data included in the download will only be those relevant to the Pool or Vacancy where you initiated the export. This is in contrast to an export from the People grid, which will include all Vacancy Stage and Pool Step data for every Pool and Vacancy each contact is a member of. 

When exporting contacts from a Sourcing or Event Pool, the Pool Step column will include only the Pool Step they are in for that specific pool. Similarly, when exporting contacts from a Vacancy, the Vacancy Stage column will include only the Vacancy Stage those contacts are in for that specific Vacancy.

To download contacts from a Pool or Vacancy, use the same steps as above: select the contacts you wish to export, select the columns you wish to include, use the Export to CSV bulk action, and once your file is ready it will be available for download from your notifications page.