Managing your Account Settings

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The Account Information area of Settings allows you to take actions like updating your name as it appears to other users in Beamery, add a verified email, update your email signature, and your time zone. 

Table of Contents

How to Access Account Information
How to Update your Name
How to Add your Email Signature
How to Update your Sharing Settings
How to Update your Password

How to Access Account Information

To access your Account Information, click on your name from the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen and choose Settings.

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How to Update Your Name

At the top of the account information page, simply edit the name currently attached to your account. You also have the option of selecting a different 'Email From Name' if desired. This relates to the name which will be displayed to candidates on campaigns and email messages in the 'from' section. This could be your own name or could be set to a more generic term such as 'Beamery Recruitment Team' to preserve anonymity if preferred for larger campaigns.


How to Add your Email Signature

1. On the same Account Information page, scroll down to the Email Signature section.

2. Immediately below this, you should see an editing window in which to create your signature. You can also paste in images as part of your signature.


3. Once you have finished creating your email signature, click the Save button. Your email signature will now appear automatically within any email campaigns or direct messages that you create and send from Beamery. Your email signature will also be updated in any existing Campaigns you're working on.


How to Update your Sharing Settings

At the bottom of the Account Information page, you will find Sharing. By enabling this option, you can allow your colleagues to see your emails sent to candidates (these will appear on the candidate timeline) and share your calendar with colleagues to boost collaboration. If you send emails with sensitive content, you can keep them private by disabling sharing here.

How to Update your Password

Note that if your organization uses SSO to access Beamery, you may not be able to use a password to login. 

1. To change your password, navigate to the Change Password section in the settings sidebar.

2. Simply enter your current password and then enter a new password of your choice before re-typing your new password again to confirm it.

3. Click the button Save, and your new password will be saved.

*We recommend choosing a password of between 8-12 characters for security purposes.

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