Custom Domain FAQs

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This article contains common questions around creating custom domains for Beamery pages and flows. For more on setting up custom domains, please read this knowledge article.

What happens to current URLs when switched to the custom web domains?

Nothing happens automatically. If you wish to update those links, you may do so in Convert > selected flow > Settings. Existing URLs will still work alongside the new custom URLs.

Beamery recommends making a note of any and all places your flows are used so that if you choose to update existing URLs to your custom URLs, no links break.

What happens to the metrics for the convert flows?

Flow metrics will not be impacted by this change.

What type of URL can I choose?

You cannot use an apex domain (e.g. However, you can use an appropriate and unique subdomain (e.g. 

How many Custom Domains can I create?

At this time, Beamery only supports one Custom Domain on your Beamery account. 

Why did I get an error message when entering the custom web domains settings?

You need to ensure that your web domain has been configured correctly within the CNAME record.

How do I remove the custom web domain?

At this time users are not able to remove a custom domain. If you need to remove a custom domain, please create a support ticket and Beamery will assist you in performing the action. 

How do I change my custom web domain?

To change your custom domain, please create a new CNAME record and create a support ticket. Beamery will assist you in performing the action.