Using Custom Web Domains in Beamery

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Custom domains provide candidates with more personalized experience, as the URL is tailored to the employer’s branding. This can help to increase the likelihood of them submitting their details and following through with their application. 

From employers, custom domains are a great way to maintain brand consistency and build a more recognizable employer brand. It can also help to increase brand recognition, trust, and conversion rates. 

Read on to learn the simple steps your organization can take to begin using Custom Web Domains. With these steps, you'll be able to take your Flow URLs from (for example) to

Before You Begin 

Before you make any changes in Beamery, please choose a unique sub-domain for your custom web domain. Ensure that it is not an apex domain (e.g. However, you can use an appropriate and unique subdomain (e.g.

If you are using custom domains (for emails) within Beamery, please ensure it is not the same as the subdomain you have chosen above. 

The initial setup of custom domains begins with your domain administrator who might be in your IT team. Please send them the information below AND the subdomain you have chosen.

Information to notify your domain administrator about: (please send them the subdomain you have chosen with the instructions)

To create a CNAME record and include the values below to the subdomain that has been chosen:

US client
EU client


If you are using Cloudflare as a DNS provider, when you create a new record to point to|eu, you will need to ensure it is set to “DNS only” not “Proxied” (the default), as we check for the existence of a valid CNAME record when creating a custom domain within the Beamery CRM.

If you have a CAA record, please check that it allows ‘Let’s encrypt’ - If it does not please get in touch with us. 

Please reach out to your customer success manager to enable this feature on your Beamery instance. This can be done at any point of the process.

When using custom web domain features with your own domains, you won’t be able to use Beamery’s Onetrust setup. In order to continue using Onetrust, you will need to set up your own OneTrust instance and add the key to Beamery’s company settings.

Please note: While you can change your Custom Web Domain if needed, Beamery only supports one Custom Web Domain per account. 

Setting up a Custom Web Domain

The following screens will only appear when you have reached out to your customer success manager to enable this feature. 

Please note: The following steps should only happen when you want to go live with Custom Web Domains as it will happen instantly after the 2nd step.

  1. Once the CNAME record has been created, Super Admins may navigate to Settings > Custom Web Domains. Then click ‘Add Your Domain’.
    Note: Traffic to your previous URL will be redirected to your new domain.
  2. Enter the custom domain created in Before You Begin.  Please note: this will go live once you click "Add your domain."


  3. If all of the steps have been followed correctly, your custom domain will be successfully created.


To double check that your custom web domain has been activated, you can navigate to a page or convert flow and check the domain. Convert > select any flow > Settings to see the domain used on the flow. 

Read Custom Domains frequently asked questions article here. 

Error create custom web domain

When entering the domain, you will see an error message if the domain was not set up correctly. Please check if the CNAME record is set up correctly.



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